About us


Blanket Hoodie inspire comfort wherever you are. We are a global brand that designs and markets timeless luxury styles to help people live the best life possible – no matter what language they speak or where they are! Our mission is simple: we want everyone around the world who loves fashion as much as us (or maybe even more) get exactly what their hearts desired from our product line so please continue shopping with confidence knowing all orders will be shipped quickly without any hassle.

We’re constantly working to make our products better and more comfortable for you. We design products for comfort using super soft and cozy fabrics. We want to be the curators of merchandise that will enhance your lifestyle at home – not just another company you buy from but rather an extension or collective groupthink along this journey together!

We design products to make you feel warm, comfortable and cozy. Our research team has updated customer reviews so that we can create the best versions of A Blanket Hoodie out there! We use soft flannel fleece paired with sherpa for extra protection against cold weather – no more worrying about being chilly when it’s below freezing outside!

With its soft, furry fabric and cuddly shape it’s no wonder people think Blanket Hoodie is a blanket or hoodie. But we know what you really are looking for when choosing our product- warmth! Our customers have been so happy with both quality of design as well as function that they rave about us on social media websites like Facebook and ProductReviews. So if there ever arises an occasion where require something warm but don’t want to carry around heavy clothes then I recommend checking out this awesome garment which has currently ranked number 1 among all other wearable blankets.