27 Unique Creative Christmas Gift ideas to Pleasantly Surprise Your Family and Friends This Holiday

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by surprising and delighting your loved ones with a unique gift? This year, don’t just get them one thing- buy several different gifts for everyone on their list. Whether it’s something practical or luxurious; small yet meaningful (like an art piece) — there will be plenty of choices so they can express how much you mean too each person individually!

1. Blanket Hoodie

This is the perfect gift for all of your friends and family members who get cold very easily, live in chilly houses or just love cozy holidays! The Blanket Hoodie will keep you warm when it’s freezing outside. You’ll be happier than ever before knowing this amazing product exist.

2. Custom Mixer

Want to make your kitchen look like a five star restaurant? Use the KitchenAid mixer and add-on accessories. Choose from 16 different bowl designs, which include both ceramic or stainless steel bowls with up 24 characters per line you want engraved onto them! 

Easy peasy – just pick out what color base layer you would like (or have) then decide between cerate style logos; choose whether they’re going lower case letters only for an elegant touch, capitalization at each end so names stand proud across all four walls in bold typeface readable even by eye away from

3. Terrarium Candle

Giving someone a plant is great in theory, but it often comes with unwanted responsibilities. These hand-poured candles are the perfect solution: They look like cacti and poppies (with just enough color to make them interesting), but don’t require any watering or sunlight – making them easy to care for!

4. Personalized Scrabble Family Print

Make your house a home with this personalized print. Adding their first names is the basic idea, but feel free to incorporate other words that describe how you feel about family members (“love” and “home,” for starters).

5. Custom Neon Sign

Get your friends and family to feel more at home with this bold neon sign. With 36 fonts, you’ll be able create the perfect phrase for any room that’s full of light or dark colors!

6. Hot Cocoa Bombs

If you love the taste of hot cocoa mixed with holiday cheer, then these are just what your palette needs. Drop one or two into a mug to start off warm – it will melt quickly due its high chocolate content! Once fully melted add some mini marshmallows for punctuation before enjoying them as is or adding other ingredients suchs sprinkle red & green sprinkles on top at random intervals throughout each sip

For an extra special treat use our very own signature “Bloody Mary” sauce instead

7. Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

Personalized Christmas gifts are always a sure hit with friends and family. This year, give your loved ones the opportunity to create their own piece of artwork from scratch by using Minted’s new snapshot mix art service!

8. Multiple Name Necklace

This personalized name necklace is a sweet way to keep your kids near and dear for the new mom. Choose from silver or gold chains, then send up to four names of their choice!

9. Etched Skyline Wine Glass

If you’re looking for a wine glass that will show off your city to the world, then this is perfect. You can choose from 29 different panoramic views of major U.S cities like New York or Chicago and be sure to drink up in style with our personalized engravings on each one!

10. Charging Cord Bracelet

This cool bracelet is more than just a fashion accessory- it has some hidden power! The braided faux leather design not only looks great, but the top rated pick can charge your compatible phone or tablet.

11. Cinderella Wearable Blanket

Your little one is sure to feel like royalty when they cozy up in a blanket shaped just like the iconic blue dress of their favorite princess, Cinderella. Pair it with an elegant tiara and wand for them be well rounded on any special occasion!

12. Bluetooth Knit Beanie

The knit is the perfect solution to keeping your child warm on those cold winter days. Not only will they be able stay entertained with their favorite music or podcast, but you can also talk on speaker phone without having them take off what they’re wearing!

13. Custom First Dance Song Print

The perfect wedding gift is a frameable print that features their first dance song lyrics, the time and place of their special moment. This personalized keepsake will always remind them of how much you care about not only what they do but also every detail in life!

14. USA National Parks Scratch Off Poster

The next time you’re at home, give your guests a scratch-off map of all 61 U.S National Parks to inspire them for the year ahead! Consider it their wall worthy bucket list and make sure they never forget about these amazing places in America that call themselves “National Park.”

15. Pet Portrait Necklace

What better way to show off your pet than with an elegant pendant? You can have them engraved on any of our gold, silver or rose gold options. Before you place the order convince them send a recent snap so it looks just as good in person!

16. Soul Sisters Bracelet

You can’t go wrong with this personalized bangle! It’s perfect for any sister or friend that you want to make feel extra special. The stainless steel is adjustable, so it will fit almost anyone who wears it – even if they have their own unique wrist size just like yours did when first born into this world

17. 3-D Dinosaur Night Light

Give the gift of a lifetime this year with an awesome T-rex light that changes color! It’s 3D, which means it doubles as both your desk buddy and coolest illumination ever.

18. Heat Changing Constellation Mug

This mug was a great way to start the day. The little cup looked like any other black coffee or tea cup but as soon as they added their morning drink, everything changed! It mapped out all of our favorite constellations and places in space for us so we could watch them closely

19. Dream Decoder: 60 Cards to Unlock your Unconscious

Do you ever get those text messages from friends that say something along the lines of “I had this craziest dream last night!” The next time it happens, pull out this illustrated card deck to decipher their meaning.

20. Echo Glow

The Olivine by Baypark is an Alexa-enabled smart lamp that can be paired with other Alexa devices. With parental control, you’ll save time and money while having a fun experience for your children!

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21. 3-Month Subscription

If she loves tea as much as we do, then get her four boxes of different types from brands like Pukka and Teapigs every month. With each box comes 15 cups worth of guarantee! But if you happen to notice that your favorite drinker has exceeded this amount in one go – don’t worry because there are up telescopes for those who want more 🙂

22. Acupressure Ear Seed Kit

Traditional Chinese medicine is the best way to ease tension, stress and pain. This at-home acupressure kit has 40 Swarovski crystal seeds that you can stick in each ear for hundreds of targeted points which are sure to help!

23. Notes of Gratitude

His notes are as important to him now, and they will be throughout the rest of his life. He can write them down or draw pictures in this journal that he got from World Central Kitchen – an organization dedicated not just providing food for local restaurants but also support workers who feed others everyday!

24. Book of Plants Art Print

Choose from one of five sizes, and then frame this print for an easy gift. It’s up to them whether they want to place it on a shelf or hang it in their room!

25. LED Flashlight Gloves

The light-up gloves will be the newest and best tool for your handyman. Instead of using their phone, headlamp or flashlight to see what they’re working with – literally!

A fresh pair of batteries can provide all that’s needed in many circumstances when working on a project at night time. With only one quick replaceable battery inside these special pairs (in contrast), there’s no need for carrying around other bulky equipment such as lamps alongside tools like saws or drills; instead this is compact enough not take up much space while still providing ample illumination wherever you go without having any concerns about running out power midproject because those days are over now

26. Women’s Waterproof Rain Hat

Keep your headphones dry and protected with the over-the-ear flaps, which are secured by a secret ponytail pouch. More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers call this satin lining out for its ability to keep hair positvely styled no matter how intense rain or humidity may become!

27. Amazing Science

What’s not to love about a book full of experiments? With 80+ crafting an engaging STEM activity, your aspiring scientist will have plenty new things they can get excited about. And alongside the instructions there are explanations from scientists who know what they’re talking about!

Are you looking for a gift this holiday season? We’ve got just the thing! Whether it’s something extravagant or simple, our list of ultra-soft cozy gifts will be sure to please. In order from most affordable price point allll way up high into that luxurious realm where people think nothing beats cashmere socks (we’re not even going there), here are great ideas! If you are looking for more warm gifts,

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