20 Long Distance Relationship Gifts Your Partner Will Love

I get that not being able to see your partner in person can make you feel blue, but don’t worry. Sometimes, the best way to make a long-distance relationship work is by making it more interesting. For instance: buying your significant other something in person! Here are some great gift ideas that will keep them interested and engaged even when they’re apart from you for an extended period of time this holiday season or around any major event like birthdays.

1. Blanket Hoodie

Send the warmth of The Blanket Hoodie to your loved one.A  blanket hoodie for them to snuggle up with while reading a book or watching TV, keeps them cozy and warm so they won’t stop thinking about you!

2. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Never feel alone again with these Bond Touch bracelets, which will let you enjoy the touch of your loved one even if they are on opposite sides! The vibration matches what their finger feels and it’s as if he or she was right next to you. You can also send a message through this bracelet—it lights up in color when someone reads aloud what’s written inside for them .

3. Long Distance Touch Lamp

These lamps will light up when one person touches them, giving a cute way to show how much you care. They can also make long phone calls or Skype sessions more enjoyable by using WiFi connectivity between the two so that they feel like even though there may be miles of difference in distance between these best friends; an embrace is all it takes for warmth on such cold nights!

4. Hug This Pillow Until

Long-distance relationships can be difficult. There are few things more painful than not being able to hug your partner when you’re apart, but this pillowcase makes it easier! It’s also a great anniversary gift for long-distance lovers who want their loved ones close by without having them come into town all the time and disrupt life as they know how well.

5. A Hug in a Box

This box contains a hug in the form of care packages for all your loved ones. It’s included with Cup Of Love tea, cloud socks to warm up their feet when they arrive home from work or school cold & wet through rain boots so you can share some time together while getting ready after being apart too long!

6. Long Distance State Coffee Mug

You love your best friend but you don’t live near to her. So when she visits, it’s like the two of vous are never apart! This coffee mug is for those who miss those intimate talks over morning coffees and wants them documented on a map in case anything happens between now-and always.”

7. I Love You Keychain

What better way to tell your loved one that you’re always with them than by giving them this beautiful keychain? The I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us plaque is perfect for any couple who has difficulty communicating due it being engraved on both sides and having an intricate image of a world map at its center. It will serve as proof positive how much they mean in life, even when times get tough!

8. Missing You Notes

With a daily dose of love from you, they will feel as if there’s no distance between two people. KindNotes sends out 31 messages in mini decorative envelopes to be opened each day or anytime your significant other needs some encouragement! This is an awesome gift idea for anyone who has been feeling down lately and wants their emotions refreshed with something sweet–especially when it comes wrapped up nicely like this jar does too 

9. Sarcastic Bracelet

This bracelet is perfect for the couple that needs a little bit more than just love. You may not be able to put your feelings into words, but this jewelry item will show her how you feel! The inside of each piece has been specially designed with witty phrases or messages so both people can enjoy them without having different meanings behind their favorite sayings.”

10. I Miss Your Face Candle

These are busy times and seeing your best friend or loved one doesn’t always happen. Let them know how much you miss them with this sweet “I Miss Your Face” candle they’re sure to love! Make it extra special by personalizing the lid with a message that tells everyone just why this person means so much in life, like “You mean everything!” Place some photos from years past where both of could smile proudly at each other through memories forever preserved upon these pages

11. Kissing Mugs

What better way to celebrate love than with these porcelain mugs that fit together like you and your favorite person? Each mug in the set of two looks like an friendly face. When they touch, their lips kiss — forming a heart shape! Now’s not exactly time for deep conversation so use them next when enjoying hot drink after long day at work or school (and go ahead give him/her some smoochies).

12. Weighted Blanket

Have trouble sleeping? A weighted blanket is the answer! These blankets come in different weights and designs, so there’s one for every kind of person. They’re designed to make you feel relaxed as soon as possible by simulating that sweet hug from your mom when she tucked me into bed at night growing up – but this time it will actually help calm down those racing thoughts throughout the day because more than just warmth goes into these pieces

The 7-layer system is designed to comfortably surround your body and form while you sleep, offering better temperature control. The MORE glass beads & less fiberfill design makes it more comfortable than other weighted blankets on the market!

13. Cute Photo Frame

I’m so lucky to have found my best friend. He is the love of my life and when we wake up in the morning, I will look at this cheeky frame with happiness:) This string art picture makes a perfect anniversary gift!

14. Still Together Spoon

When you had your favorite coffee dates with her, did she always want to know about what was going on in the city? This Still Having Coffee Together hand stamped vintage spoon is a great gift for long distance lovers who were too far from each other and missed their morning brew date.

The perfect way of solidifying those mornings spent catching up over a cup or two!

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15. Travel Duffle Bag Set

The Weekender is a must for people who want to travel light and efficiently. This duffel bag has been designed with your clothes, shoes, toiletries–even food! You’ll never have trouble finding what you need in one easy-to-reach compartment thanks its clever design that separates everything else from these essentials so there is plenty of space left over for all those pesky souvenirs we collect on our trips around the globe.

16. Bold Loft Drinking Glasses

With all of your heart and soul, you want to share that nothing could make for a more perfect life than being with them forever. They’re the one who deserves eternally loving care in return–so please give this romantic couple’s gift: our practical “Love Me Tender” glass set which lets anyone request Lovebirds’ happiness!

17. Phone Stand

M2 Stand is the perfect solution for those who want their smartphone to stay in one place while they’re on a date. It has an adjustable height, so it will work with any device up front or behind you! The swivel holder can also hold two tablets at once and hides all cords from view without blocking access songs/movies from playing through speakers–plus there’s cable management on backside if needed (and rubberized feet too).
This means no more juggling between your phone screen and whoever needs attention most: just set them both down nice n easy using M2 Stander

18. Funny Love Note

This thoughtful card will make the person you’re thinking about smile! It features an octopus with its arms spread out to give them comfort and support, telling people how much they matter. With a design that is sure not only look good but also feel great in your hands as well (think soft vinyl), this thoughtful message makes perfect sense when given during tough times- so grab one today before supplies run low!!

19. Funny Greeting Card

This funny card is a great way to say I’m Missing You. Hand-drawn and printed on heavyweight white matte card stock, this matching natural brown kraft envelope will be sure your long distance boyfriend or girlfriend loves it! If you need more cards we have an entire list here for when he gets back in town but not before giving him some hilarious short messages like “I can’t wait until next time”

20. Me Without You Lovebook

If you’re looking for the perfect way to let someone know how much they mean in your life, this book is it. From renowned illustrators Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar comes a New York Times bestselling masterpiece with countless cute color illustrations that will have readers hooked from beginning until end! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner as well as anniversaries or just because; buy one today – It’ll make their day so much better (and more memorable)!

For the person you love who lives far away, these gifts will make it easier to feel connected to them and their home through memories. A photo album or scrapbook is a great way for both parties involved in an LDR relationship (or any form of long distance) because they can document everything that happens over time together while getting closer emotionally by looking at pictures from days gone by.
Bouquets are also thoughtful gestures during this joyous season: just imagine finding those colorful petals stuffed between your letterbox after December 25th! You can also find more warm gifts at A blanket Hoodie.

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