23 Meaningful Christmas Gifts For Mom That Prove You Didn’t Wait Until The Last Minute

When you’re looking for a gift idea, it can be hard to come up with something that your mom would actually use and enjoy. That’s why we think the best gifts are those small but meaningful touches of individuality – like an extra-special cup in her favorite color or putting together one heckuva scrapbook featuring all those vacation photos from when she was little!

Thinking about what makes your mom so special can help you find the perfect gift. If she loves cooking and styling food, get her a kitchen gadget to make life easier in there! Or if it’s fashion that keeps coverage of all things aesthetic (and not just clothing), look no further than gifting-a piece from our line up which will match perfectly with any outfit 

You know your mom is a tough woman, always putting up with so much from you and everyone else. She deserves some special treatment this year! Get her the perfect Christmas gift by getting creative–think kitchen essentials or candles that will make home smell amazing – plus maybe something sweet like perfume for when things get more serious between shenandyou again (just kidding!). These are all ideas we could throw together in under 10 minutes if need be.

1. Blanket Hoodie

The Blanket Hoodie will keep you warm and cozy while lounging around the house, watching your favorite TV show or reading on a cold morning. This women’s cut blanket jacket is great for fall campfires as well!

2. Intelex Warmies Microwavable Slippers

These soft, fluffy slippers will keep your mom comfortable and warm. They’re perfect for everyday use as she can throw them in the microwave to heat or wear it when want cozy around home watching TV on those hectic nights!

3. Apple AirTag

You can’t help but feel relieved when your mom finds her misplaced phone, whether it’s nearby or far away. As long as you mark an item as lost on the Find My network (of which there are many) and enter in its location services enabled status with Apple iCloud®, then she’ll receive notifications if this device comes back into range!

4. Custom Star Map

Most moms will tell you that one of the most joyous times in her life was when she brought home a new baby. Celebrate this moment by remembering it as if time-paasted with an image capturing exactly what happened on that very special day: The stars above and below us at night; we stand here proudly holding our children’s hands while they take their first steps into adulthood together!

5. The CBD Pillow

Sleep like never before when you sleep on a CBD-infused pillow. The gel memory foam releases micro doses of the compound throughout the night so that she will have deep, restful naps every few hours and wake up feeling refreshed for her daily grind!

6. Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

If your mom is an avid coffee drinker, she’ll love this. Making the perfect cup at home has never been easier with our cold-brew iced machine that makes barista quality batches without even having to hit drive through!

7. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

Lululemon has some great belt bags that are perfect for moms! The three mesh pockets make it easy to store all the essentials, and there’s even a back zippered pocket so you can keep your keys or chapstick handy without having them hanging out where they could get lost.

8. Halluci Cross Band Plush Fleece Slippers

We all know that mom deserves a break after running the kids, doing housework and working. Give her some time to herself with these luxurious slippers from our store! The memory foam footbed will lead you straight into ultimate relaxation as it cradles each step like nothing else can – until there’s an emergency at least (you never know!). These waterproof boots also have high-quality materials for superior durability so she’ll be able do everything on her list without interruption or worry about breaking anything along the way; You just might spot yourself slowing down when walking past someone who isn’t wearing theirs too because they look so good!!

9. Tea Forté Herbal Retreat Gift Box

This decade-long tea obsession is now available to delight your mom with the best flavors of all time. Black Dragonlord Apricot Amaretto, Blueberry Merlot and Cherry Cosmo will keep her busy through any afternoon slump while Kiwi Lime Ginger ensures that no matter how much caffeine consumption isn’t working anymore there’ll always be something left wanting in life!

10. Winc Wines Gift Subscription

With this monthly wine subscription, her glass will runneth over thanks to $60 in credits that she can use any time for as many bottles of wines from the Winc marketplace. It’s easy! Firstsignal offers a quiz so narrow down what specific types are best suited towards your preferences and taste buds before checking out all they have available – delivery comes right away at no extra charge too!

11. Chatbooks Photo Album

Imagine being able to look back on your mom’s life through a book. Her stories, moments and memories captured in pictures that will last forever! You can have hardcover books made with all of these adorable shots or soft covers for when she needs something lighter weight so it won’t get dusty between pages – both available as monthly subscriptions at Chatbooks

The perfect gift idea is here just waiting for you: personalized photo albums created by professionals who know how important this time together might be someday soon…

12. Nike Waffle One Shoes

The Nike sneakers are a perfect gift for any mom who is constantly on the move. The bright pops of pink and orange against black base make them versatile, while some sheer parts allow Mom to wear matching socks with these shoes which will show through their mesh fabric interior-this way she can tone down or add more color depending upon what’s most appropriate!

13. Allbirds Long Wool Cardi

Mom’s always need to keep themselves warm, but they also don’t want their clothes weighing them down. This cardigan is the perfect solution- it features a light weight fabric that will stay cool during those hot summer days thanks in part from its breathability and ability not hold onto sweat like other materials might do so well!

14. Farm Rio Black Flowerdoscopic Cardigan

The perfect top layer for any outfit, this cardigan will make you the life of every party. Look sophisticated in leggings and a T-shirt or dress it up with jeans and an elegant button up!

15. BAGGU Giant Tote Bag

We know that Mom has a seemingly bottomless bag, but we also have to admit it’s useful. Sometimes when you need tissue or bandages most of all she’ll be there for us! Get her some new clothes with this easy-to fit Mary Poppins carpet shopping tote where two internal pockets might actually come in handy (and one large external slip pocket if anything else), perfect as an upgrade from those well worn canvas shoes on your mother’s feet

16. E Marie Travel Blanket

You don’t realize how cold it can be until you travel by plane alone. A dual-purpose item like this blanket will keep her warm on long haul flights, but she also has the option of using it as a scarf when wearing more formal wear to dress up whatever outfit is desired!

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17. Phenomenal Mother T-Shirt

Let her know, and let everyone around you know that she is a phenomenal mother. We love when our moms wear the title proudly on their shirt- but sometimes less really can be more (especially in this case). Let these designs help cover up any old clothes so they don’t see those stains from before!

18. Outdoor Voices PrimoFleece Pullover

This fun, fashionable orange fleece will be the perfect gift for your mom this Christmas. It’s both functional and stylish with its front pouch pocket as well as zippered sleeve to store some spare cash or keys in case of emergencies!

19. Cozy Earth Ultra-Soft Bamboo Jogger Pant

If there’s one thing your mom needs, it’s some new pants. And not just any old ones — these cozy joggers are made from sustainable and plush bamboo fibers so they feel like butter on the skin! They’re also Goldilocks-perfect—not too hot (or cold) for her to wear during summer months when temps heat up or drop below freezing at night time respectively

20. Eberjey Women’s Gisele Two-Piece Pajama Set

Mama will be so happy to wear this cozy pajama set. Made from soft, stretchy fabric with an elastic waistband and designed in our exclusive Eberjey print – perfect for mommy & me Netflix nights!

21. Mama Denim Jacket

The denim jacket for new moms that is perfect and will make any mom feel like the coolest in her squad! With a lightweight vintage-inspired design made of high quality material to help keep warm during those chilly days or nights 

22. Super-Plush Robe

Introduce your mom to a life of luxury, if only for the moments between putting on her clothes. Made with unbelievably plush Turkish cotton she will be convinced that you’re wrapped in an opulent cloud! Our associate editor Zarah Kavarana swears this robe feels like plucking any piece from one those high end spas and bringing them home to enjoy yourself (and I’m sure glad we did).

23. Grace Eleyae Adjustable Slap

The all-new stylish hat for any occasion! This satin lined adjustable cap has a beanie exterior that can double as an easy going accessory. When she pulls it down over her eyes, the inside will look like something out of Alice in Wonderland with its strand friendly lining and luxurious feeling material you’ll love to touch (not drying or breaking off). Get yours today before they’re gone forever!”

There are many meaningful gifts that you can choose from. A true classic that never goes out of style or fashion; there are many styles from which you can choose one for yourself- and your loved ones too! Be unique and stylish with our collection at A blanket Hoodie.


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