The Ultimate List Of Personalized 40th Birthday Gifts For Her That’ll Kick Off Her Forties Right

What’s more fun than celebrating a milestone birthday? Pop some bottles of red, have your friends over for dinner and then dance off all those pounds. We’ve got the best gifts to give women turning 40-years old that will make her feel forty years young with these cool personalized40th gift ideas! If you’re looking for something different this time around check out our selection – there are even super fun party supplies in case she wants an extra special celebration outside instead (or if it rains).

1. 40th Birthday Gift: Personalized Book from The Book of Everyone

For a friend who’s turning 40, give them something that will show how unique they are. The personalized book from our company is made especially for each person and has all sorts of interesting details in it like fun facts or photos taken during your time together as friends that will make them smile!

2. 40 Things to Do When You Turn 40

You’ll never believe what people do when they turn 40! From making peace with age to finding success in their careers, this book has got everything you need. And all proceeds go towards supporting cancer research–so it’s not just a great read but also good news for your health too.

3. Crack an Egg Birthday Card

The perfect gift for a special occasion is finally here! This cracking open card will have your friend doing backflips with delight. You can choose from various messages that pop out when she taps on it, so there’s no wrong choice if you want to be funny or supportive – but decide quickly because this offer only lasts until midnight tonight!!

4. The 40th Birthday Game

The game is meant to be played with friends and family who have birthdays in the forties, but it also makes a great ice breaker at parties or events where you might not know anyone else. The goal of this fun activity? To learn as much information from your newfound knowledge about these decades while still having some laughs along the way!

5. Customized 40 Years Ago Newspaper Sign

To celebrate, we’ve designed a custom newspaper sign that will be sure to get attention. Customized with fun facts about how many years ago today our young lady was born; this is perfect way of remembering such an important day while also celebrating what makes her special: Her individuality alone—no matter where life takes us or which direction time proceeds…

6. Cold Brew Coffee Blend

Cold-brew coffee is a delicious, pH balanced drink that’s rich in antioxidants. Bizzy does not disrupt the balance of acids and caffeine like other methods do so you get pure flavor without any weird aftertaste! In this day of convenience store runs for our morning necessities what better than coming home from work with an already made batch waiting on us? It takes less time than using hot water but still delivers high quality.

7. Sterling Silver Four Ring Bracelet

Her new four-ring bracelet is a symbol of your favorite age and will quickly become one she uses to elevate any outfit from fine to fantastic. Made in high quality sterling silver, this symbolic bangle also has an added bonus – it’s easy for her wrist size so you don’t have worry about getting tangled up!

8. Bucket List Experiences Gift Box

We all have dreams to see the world and experience everything it has in store for us. Bucket List Experiences Gift Box is perfect if your friend wants you find an unforgettable way of fulfilling her bucket list desires! With this unique gift box, they can experience any one or more than 100 different adventures from around globe onto themselves (and even beyond). It’s time that we make those impossible wishes come true; give someone 40+ years old plus

9. Is You 40? Funny Candle

One should never ask a woman her age but all bets are off when you’re a candle. Make your gal pal laugh with this hilarious and unique gift that will be sure to bring back memories for years! The hand-poured soy wax votives come in 50 scents from fruity smells like cotton candy or wildberry pie, floral aromas such as gardenia blossom , elegant masculine tones including sandalwood

10. A Pinata Filled With Mini Liquor Bottles

A pinata filled with mini liquor bottles is a great way to get the party started. You don’t have spend all your time fighting over who gets what candy, but instead can enjoy some good old fashioned drinking games that everyone will be remembering from their childhoods!

11. Vintage Birth Year Can Glass

You don’t have to be a wine drinker, or even an avid collector of such things! This Vintage Birth Year Can Glass is perfect for anyone who wants some chill vibes with their beverage. With this particular piece you’ll not only get the nostalgia from its vintage design but also enjoy drinking out of something that will always remind them about their birth year while boasting great taste in cold drinks too – what more could one want?

12. Memory Lane 40th Birthday Book

Memory Lane is a place where you can go to escape the hustle and bustles of everyday life for some much-needed peace. This book will take your loved one on an adventure through their most cherished memories, providing pictures with interesting information about what’s happening in each photo!

It’ll make them feel like they’re right there again or at least give readers something new that they may not have known before–a treasure trove waiting just inside every page turn.

13. Custom Birthstone Constellation Necklace

This custom-built necklace is perfect for the woman who knows her own worth. The gold plating shines as bright, and she can wear it with pride knowing that each time someone sees this gorgeous piece of jewelry they will be reminded just what a special person she really is!

14. Fierce Fabulous 40 Personalized Candle

As the first day of forty draws near, make sure she light up this candle to feel how fierce and fabulous it is! This adorable hand-poured candles are available in ten different scents that will bring out her most confident side.

15. 40th Birthday Princess Tiara

The birthday princess is always dressed in luxurious dresses, and this time around it’s no different. But when she slips behind closed doors to celebrate with friends or family members alike; every chair becomes Her throne! Choose from glorious gold (or stunning silver) for an extravagant tiara that shines brighter than any other – bedazzled by small diamond-bright gems on its surface.

16. Dash MyPint Personal Ice Cream Maker

Now there’s no need to worry about running out of ideas for ice cream flavors, because the Dash my pint personal maker allows you make as many varieties at home in minutes. With this powerful little machine it only takes two ingredients: milk and frozen sweets!


17. Forty Reasons We Love You Print

You are a million reasons why we love you, but it’s hard to pick just 40 so here they all are! The print is sure be an instant hit with your favorite person and make their day. It comes in different sizes- perfect for any wall size or desk decoration needs too! Forty unique phrases written on each heart makes this gift super personal.

18. I Am 39 + 1 Middle Finger Funny Wine Glass

39 + 1 equals 40! This wine glass is perfect for someone who just wants to celebrate that they’ve got one more year before the dreaded “forty-something” milestone.

19. Personalized Leather Tote

Give your favorite person a personalized leather tote for them, and they’ll feel like the HBIC in their own world. You have two sizes ( small & medium) with ten colors available at no extra charge! Make it even more custom by adding accessories such as wallets or zippered pockets – there are virtually unlimited possibilities so get creative today!

20. Personalized Luxury Robe

A birthday is a perfect time to treat someone special in your life, especially if they are always on-the go. Make them feel like royalty with these personalized luxury robes! Choose from charcoal or white for the base color and add their initials (or initial) at top of design; then give it all an elegant touch by choosing among three different shades – navy blue will be perfect when you want something classic looking but still modern enough not complement every outfit perfectly .

21. Tabletop Fireplace

The perfect gift for all the friends who like to camp and have s’mores, this table-top fireplace is a great way heat up their cold winter nights. With an adjustable flame Rate from low simmering fires just right under embers burning bright; it won’t produce any carbon monoxide so you can enjoy cozy warmth indoors or out!

22. Fabulous 40 Milestone Birthday Bracelet

The Fabulous 40 Milestone Birthday Bracelet is a must-have for any woman celebrating her forty birthday. Each bead represents an important memory, and its color fades to match that event’s significance as time goes by! This pretty piece will make sure she’ll never forget all those fun times in between–and who doesn’t love being able to look at themselves longingly from afar?

23. Book of the Month Club Subscription Box

Her taste in books is as discerning and passionate about reading them, so she’ll be thrilled with this subscription box. With five new volumes arriving every month along with an option to join that discusses each one; there’s no telling what kind of journeys await her next!

24. Personalized Best Friends on Her 40th Print

Your best friend is turning 40. To celebrate, you buy her a custom print of the two of YOU in an imagined sunset walking away from each other with champagne and balloons! Hundreds hair/skin tone clothing combinations are available for customization so that this will be one gift she’ll treasure forever.

25. Forty Never Looked So Good Spa Box

Your friend is going to feel like a million bucks after getting this spa package. She’ll find bath time delights such as dissolving bombs and even an extra candle, plus there’s wine glasses for each occasion!

26. Red Red Wine Cuz UB40 Funny Card

You won’t tear apart her blue heart when you treat her to a play on their iconic song. The card is so memorable and LOL-worthy that thoughts of you will never leave her head–and she might even find the lyrics stuck there for good this time around.

27. Airplane Carry On Cocktail Kit

The airplane carry on cocktail kit is a must for any traveler who wants to make their next flying experience first class. This tiny tin contains everything one needs, including an old fashioned drink and all of its trimmings! The perfect gift idea too!

28. The Day You Were Born Birthday Star Map

What a brilliant idea to give her the gift of her birthday! A star map that immortalizes this special day in such an interesting way with its lovely print and captivating detail is sure be worth all your effort. This thoughtful present will remind both you and everybody else why they should celebrate each other every chance possible because we only get one shot at life so make it count!!

29. Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager

The Shiatsu Back Shoulder & Neck Massager is a god send for all those who suffer from chronic pain. This device not only relieves tension but also helps to improve blood circulation, enhancing the body’s natural healing system with one simple touch!

30. Maybe Math is Wrong 40th Birthday Card

Math is so silly! Who needs it anyway? You don’t remember any of those classes in high school, do you?! But when your birthday comes around again and we’re celebrating another year with cake (yum), then let’s give thanks for this beautiful present: 39 years old.

31. VineBox Wine Subscription

VineBox is the perfect way to introduce your favorite winemakers and their incredible wines into her life. She’ll be able explore new destinations, profiles of different producers in each region that they cover!

32. Hand Painted Keepsake Box

This box is the perfect way to hold onto all of those special memories you’ve collected over your 40 years with friends. The Willow Tree handmade keepsake boxes are hand-painted, resin cast for durability and crafted beautifully by artists who care deeply about each piece they create!

33. Cold Brew Maker

Cold brew is the new coffee trend that will change your morning routine forever. This 64 ounce jar can turn any half-baked pot into smooth, delicious cold beverages with no sweeteners needed! It’s BPA free and easy to use – just add water in jug form or additionally through espresso machines for more flavor options too!.

34. Calm the Chaos Mindfulness Journal

The Calm the Chaos Mindfulness Journal is a great way for readers to keep their minds fresh and focused on inner growth. The journal includes guided prompts, open spaces where they can write about what stresses them out or focus on something else instead; it’s an easy-to follow plan that helps make this habit happen!

35. Four-Tea Engraved Coaster

The four-tea engraved coaster is a perfect gift for any tea lover who has turned forty. The puns on this custom made plate will keep her laugh and make sure to use it often in order not forget about how much you care!

36. Four Rings 40th Birthday Necklace

Celebrate four decades of memorable birthdays with this necklace. The interlocking rings are a symbol that you’re celebrating her milestone and she’ll shine bright no matter what age! Life doesn’t happen in slices, it’s all about perspectives – so take time each day for yourself to see things from different angles or heights; listen closely while others talk over dinner tables because sometimes our most valuable lessons come without words being spoken at all.

37. Sugarwish Custom Candy Box

A custom candy box from Sugarwish is sure to make any girl smile. Choose your size and fill with 12 different treats for a deliciously delightful gift that’s personalized just the way she likes it!

38. Handpainted 40th Birthday Wine Glass

A fun and fashionable way to celebrate your favorite number, this hand-painted glass is as gorgeous on the inside as it looks outside. With its gold trimming that matches perfectly with whatever color scheme you’ve got going on in mind (or if there are no plans yet!), these glasses will be an instant hit at their next big event or just around town picking up intel from friends old + new alike.

39. Happy 40th Wisdom Bracelet

Wisdom is a beautiful thing. It’s not just for old people, it can be found anywhere in the world and brought into our lives with care – even if you’re young or single! Celebrate this special day by giving your loved one something that will make their heart smile; give them an exceptional gift they’ll treasure every time of year at least once- twice maybe thrice…or more? Happy 40th Birthday Wisdom Bracelet.

40. Personalized 40 and Fabulous Wine Tumbler

There’s nothing more important than keeping beverages fresh and cool, but most glasses don’t have enough space for all of your favorite wines. She’ll be able to enjoy herself with no worries about spilling or watering down her wine thanks our fabulous design that fits perfectly into any fridge – even if it has handles on top because we know how busy life gets sometimes (just ask anyone). 

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