26 Sentimental Personalized Gifts For Friends Birthday To Make Their Heart Smile

We all have that one person in our lives who is really important to us. They may be a friend, cousin or brother and they deserve the best from you on their special days too! So give them something meaningful with this list of gifts for friends hard-to find but always there when needed most.

1. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

These touch bracelets are great for long distance friendships. When you feel it, they know that their friend cares enough to be there no matter what happens in life! Touching one another’s Bond Bracelet will light up both pieces in color of your choice so even if your partner can’t see them or meet face-toface anytime soon – this way he/she always has some sorta tangible reminder about how much love is going on between the two (or three) people who care most deeply toward each other.

2. I Wrote a Book About You

You’ve probably heard of this before, but I Wrote a Book About You is one of the most creative and fun gifts you can give. It’s unique because it’s customizable by filling in prompts like “What are three things my partner should know?” or drawing out someone who means so much to you with lotsa love! And what makes everything better? There won’t be any Wheaties Jr., just tasty treats filled between two pages that need finishing off fast before they’re gone forever.

3. Kodak Instant Camera

With the new Kodak Step instant digital camera, you can capture all those priceless moments in an easy-to use package. No computer connections are needed thanks to its ability print vibrant high quality photos that will last forever!

4. A Digital Photo Frame

The Wi-Fi Cloud Photo Frame gives you control over your photos and allows them be shared where they belong, with loved ones. Don’t settle for an old school frame that can only display one picture at a time–get this digital photo frame so every member of family will have access to their favorite memories!

5. Soul Sisters Friendship Necklaces

The perfect gift for your best friend, this set comes complete with one necklace that reads “For Me” and another personalized just for you! With our Soul Sisters Friendship Necklaces we want to show how much love lies behind every decision made. Celebrate being paired up as partners in life by wearing these pendants around Your neck or over top of each other whenever the mood strikes so there’s never any confusion about who they belong too – YOU AND YOUR SISTERS BESTIE!!

6. Best Friend T-Shirts

This dynamic duo is the perfect set for BFFs! Tall and shirt best friend coffee shirts. These stylish, comfortable styles make an excellent gift that will be a staple in your own wardrobe as well year-round – it’s just too good not to wear every day with friends by your side wherever you go.

7. Macrame Photo Display

Display your favorite pictures, postcards and memorabilia with this macrame photo display. Forget the old picture frame! It is casual yet artistic to show off all of our memories together in one place that’s easy for you – just hang it on any wall space available at home or work; no more hunting around trying not only find what we want out on display but also wanting other people who come by see too because isn’t everyone supposed be able spot a “cool shot” from far away?

8. Uplifting Planner

This beautiful planner will help you stay organized with all of your important tasks by using colorful tabs and stickers for each month. The uplifting quotes encourage inspiration, confidence, love & kindness towards yourself!

9. Soul Sister Bracelet


Soul Sister Bracelets are a way to show your love and appreciation for friends. Each bracelet comes with an uplifting message, promoting mindfulness in the wearer’s life! Customize it by choosing between different colors or adding charms that represent what makes you most happy- whether they be family members who have been there through everything together as if our lives were one big allegory from which we can learn something new about ourselves; meaningful moments shared over conversation around campfires during late nights talking until dawn breaks upon us all again only better because these stories never get old…

10. Zodiac Scented Candle

Does she need just a sprinkle of snark in their lives? Nothing says, “You’re my best bitch”, like the Malicious Women Candles. These rustic-chic candles are guaranteed to create an experience that’ll make everyone laugh! We hope you see yourself or one label and support empowering women as well by buying these humorous beauties for your living room today.

A little humor goes miles towards making life more enjoyable so why not pick up this zenner pack ? You can enjoy all sorts fun stories about different astrological signs while filling it up with scent.

11. Trinket Dish

We all have a few friends that we cherish more than anything. If you’re lucky enough to be one of them, then this is the perfect gift for your bestie! Place it anywhere in their home- bathroom or kitchen while they wash up; by bedside HEARDING when sleeping on vacation nights at Mom’s house (or wherever). It will make sure there are no lost treasures left behind because every item has its own place with these cleverly designed trays.

12. You’re My Person

I hope my BFF knows how much she means to me. This mantra bracelet is simple, cute and elegant – just like the person wearing it! All cufflinks are made from high quality metals that have been polished multiple times for an extra shine on each side so they won’t scratch your wrist when you wear them either; plus we’ve written our favorite quotes in shiny letters across their surfaces making sure no matter what day or outfit choice comes up next everyone will know exactly where those thoughts were coming.

13. Long Distance State Coffee Mug

Keep your friendships close and distance relationships even closer with this Long Distance State Coffee mug! The perfect gift for when you want to let someone know they are missed but can’t be home. Personalize it by choosing from different states or countries, then pick one color that suits both parties’ taste preferences – white if they enjoy milk drinks as well?

14. Partners in Crime Phone Case

Give a friend or family member the Partners in Crime Phone Case as an awesome gift. It’s got two cases so you can keep one for yourself and give another to your bestie who will appreciate it every time she sees her phone!

15. Tumbler

The perfect gift for your favorite person on any occasion, the You’re My Favorite Bitch To Bites With wine glass is one of those top 10 white elephant gifts that will be enjoyed time and again. What better way to show affection than giving someone you care about an unforgettable piece-of art? This stemless glasses designs make it easy by allowing everyone at dinner or drinks together in their own personal moment honoring YOU as best friend!

16. Significant Otter BFF Card

What better way to show your significant other that they are on top of the world than with this adorable otter card? The two furry friends holding hands makes it perfect for any relationship. Plus, you can handwritten inside saying how much we love our BFFs because not only do these pieces come in at an affordable price point but also offer uniqueness and creativity!

17. Self Care Gift Basket

Help your best friend take care of themselves with a self-care gift basket. Your Luxury Spa Gift Box includes two natural handmade soaps, one jar of silk body butter and bath bomb! A perfect present for any occasion like birthdays or holidays when you want to show someone how much they mean to YOU

18. Best Bitches Keyring

Give the gift of gratitude with this best friends keychain. This old-school heart shaped charm on a durable silver plated split ring is perfect for showing your appreciation anytime you’re thinking about them!

19. Still Together Spoon

What’s your favorite thing to do with her? You could get this Still Having Coffee Together hand-stamped vintage spoon as a gift for good long distance friends who enjoy their brews together.

20. Makeup Case

You’ve found the perfect gift for your best friend who loves cosmetics! Fill it up with all her favorite goodies, and you have a truly meaningful present.

21. Champagne Tumblers

Celebrate your friendship with these champagne flutes. These keep the bubbly cool and flowing smoothly without any worry of spilling a single drop thanks to stainless steel interior construction! So never lose grip on that favorite drink again because you can always rely upon it being there for when death does take its toll – as long as one person still has their senses about them (and isn’t too drunk). Keep sipping stylishly in four trendy color options like rose gold if this sounds good by all means get yourself some right now before they run out!!

22. Pocket Hug

Pocket huggers everywhere will be able to show their love for one another with this adorable little item. You can send them as a thoughtful token to keep track of what’s going on in life, or just something fun between friends!

23. Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace

This monogram necklace is a timeless classic. The elegant design features an individualized disc plated with sterling silver for that personal touch, available in several lengths to fit any preference or outfit! arrives ready packaged inside its own box so it can be given as gift immediately upon arrival.

24. You Da Bomb Lip Balm

Keep your lips statement-making with the You Da Bomb Lip Balm. A perfect gift for anyone who’s not afraid of being direct and honest, this bright red lip balm has a soothing organic scent that’ll have them feeling calm as can be from one use!

25. Friends Mug

The perfect gift for your bestie is here! Rachel and Monica’s friends’ mug, we believe they are the ultimate coffee mug set to give as a present.

26. Soul Sisters Pillow

This personalized gift is perfect for your best friend. It’s not just a pillow- it has their skin tone, drink and hair! Every swipe of the sequins will shift positions in response to you swiping across them so they can have this cute birthday present each year when celebrating with friends on special occasions or just everyday life events.


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