25 Best Steel Anniversary Gifts (11th Year) to Show the Strength of Your Love!

The 11th wedding anniversary is a significant point in any couple’s relationship, and it should be celebrated with gifts.  Learn about the traditional and modern gift themes for your partner or a couple. Then shop our favorite presents in those symbolic materials—plus other ideas we love because every year is an important milestone on the path to marriage equality.

What is the Traditional 11th Anniversary Gift?

Your 11th wedding anniversary is a special time to celebrate the strength and durability that you’ve shown together. Make your gift count with something made of steel – A gift made out steel would be perfect, as it symbolizes strength through adversity!

Modern 11th Anniversary Gift

Don’t be afraid to add some sparkle this year with a gift that will last forever – diamonds! These beautiful stones have been treasured as symbols of strength and purity for centuries.

Symbolic Flower: Tulip

Tulips are the perfect flower to share with your significant other on their 11th anniversary. Their soft, dark center represents a lover’s heart and they’re also an indicator that spring has arrived which makes them great for starting things off right between you two!

Symbolic gem: Turquoise

As one of the most ancient stones, turquoise has always symbolized power and longevity. It’s no wonder then that this beautiful gemstone was worn by kings as well shamans throughout history- it’s perfect for any marriage on their anniversary!

Steel Anniversary Gifts for Her

Give your significant other a gift they’ll never forget with our beautifully delicate arrangement. This is the perfect way to show her just how much you care, without breaking any bank!

​1) Steel Bowl


This bowl is the perfect way to keep your keys, rings and other small belongings organized. The sleek design makes it an stylish accessory for any room in the house while its handcrafted steel build means there are no two alike! You can even customize this item with engraving on one side so everyone knows what you need themfor.

​2) Personalised Steel Keychain

The perfect gift for someone with a soft spot for puns, this cute keyring has an added bonus of being able to be personalized so it will have sentimental value too.

3) Raven Stovetop Tea Steeper Kettle

The Fellow stovetop kettle is an elegant, modern addition to your kitchen. Made of high-quality material and built with detailed craftsmanship this stunning designer kettles will look spectacular anywhere! It also has a color guide thermometer so you know when the water’s just right for brewing that perfect cup o’ tea (or coffee).

4) Bouquet of Tulips

These cup-shaped flowers are often associated with spring and I love how they remind me that your love continues to bloom anew. If you’re celebrating an anniversary this year, try giving her a bouquet of tulips as a gift! Or if gardening isn’t really what she’s into but then add some tools into the mix so it will be more personalized for both of them (and maybe even make memories together).

5) Steel Ice Cream Scoop

This stainless steel ice cream scoop is the perfect gift for your sweetie on their 11th anniversary. Pick out some flavors you know will be loved by them, then hide it in the freezer so they can try it right away!

6) Fountain Pen with Stainless Steel Nib

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on an 11-year anniversary gift. A beautiful fountain pen with stainless steel nib is one the best twists I’ve seen! Not only will it be able use for years, but if you’re lucky she might write some sweet nothings in return too.

7) Steel Time Capsule

What better way to show your significant other that they are truly loved than with this thoughtful gift? Fill it up together, and make sure you get creative. There’s no wrong idea when it comes time for something special- there will always be another memory created because of the creativity involved in filling it!

8) Personalised Steel Love Heart Tea Light Holder

The best way to add some romance in your life is with the right candle holder. Buy an expensive scented wax and have it customized for you, then buy up some tea lights so that they can keep burning bright!

9) Ring Pillar Candle holder


This heart-shaped candle holder will make any room smell like love. The perfect gift for the romantic in your life, it’s also great if you want an updated look without too much trouble!

10) Steel Necklace

This elegant necklace is a perfect gift for your upcoming 11th anniversary. The sweet twist of steel bar will catch the eye and fit well with any outfit you put together, making it an excellent choice no matter what day or time period in history this celebration falls into!

11) Picture Frame

There are few things in life more satisfying than sharing your love with another person. This beautifully crafted frame is a perfect way to do just that, and it even comes personalized for an anniversary gift she’ll treasure forever!

12) Stainless Steel Tiles

Why not get your wife a gift that will brighten up her home? These steel tiles are great for adding some color and design into the kitchen. 

13) Turquoise Thread Through Earrings

Give your wife the gift of stylishness this year with these gorgeous turquoise threader earrings. She’ll love finding any occasion to wear them and you’ll get a kick out seeing her turn heads in public!

Steel Anniversary Gifts for Him

Steel is a durable metal that will last for years to come. With an antique gold finish, it’s the perfect gift idea if he’s got everything else on his list already!

1) Anti Zero Gravity Chairs

If your hubby loves spending time outside, then these zero gravity outdoor chairs are sure to improve his day. The super cool and comfortable design make them perfect for sipping on a cold beer or hot coffee while relaxing in the shade!

2) Stainless Steel Pizza Oven

Give the gift of home-baking this year with a stainless steel pizza oven! amateur chefs everywhere are dying to get their hands on one. From personal experience, I can say that it makes all other cookware obsolete – especially when you add some delicious toppings like peppers and onions or mushrooms for extra flavor in your favorite pie recipe. The perfect present will make any kitchen enthusiast happy knowing they now have an easy way create wonderful baked goods.

3) Stainless Steel Chef’s Knife

What’s better than a knife? A really good one! If your significant other is someone who loves cooking and eating at home, get them something special for their birthday or holiday this year – like an expensive set of kitchen knives.

​4) Steel Designed ​Cufflinks

Cufflinks make a great gift because they’re so handy, like when you need to pop husband’s tie right away. I love this design – especially how it can be personalized with the date of your wedding in roman numerals!

5) Stainless Steel Watch

Give him something that will remind him how much you care every single day, like this functional yet awesome stainless steel watch. Not only does it tell time but also has an alarm function and date display! A perfect gift for any man who loves having some practicality in his life while being fashionable at the same time.

​6) Steel Fire Striker

The fire starter is an ideal way to get that campfire going and it comes with some romantic notes for when you want their heart racing.

7) Stainless Steel Bonfire Fire Pit

With the ability to have a romantic fire or an open campfire anywhere you want, this stainless steel stove is perfect for any avid camper. It comes equipped with all of your needs so stock up on marshmallows before they’re gone!

8) Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Cool whisky quickly and without diluting thanks to stainless steel ice cubes. These reusable, smart looking stones can be popped in the freezer then added into your drink for a classy way of staying chilly!

9) Stainless Steel Cut Map

These steel cut maps are the perfect gift for anyone who has their own unique place in mind. Whether you want to give them as a birthday present, wedding present or just because they’re special- these will be loved and appreciated every time!

10) Vintage Steel Sign

The perfect gift for the man who has everything is a vintage steel sign. It will bring some much-needed balance to his top chill out spot with an martini mermaid or one that matches whatever drink he prefers!

11) Steel Beer Stein

When you’re finally able to unwind after a long day, sipping on some refreshing drink will make it all worth while. This stylish and durable stein is perfect for enjoying these drinks in style! Keep one at home so that when guests come over they can enjoy their own customized cold ones too.

​12) Steel Tongue Drum

If you’re married to a musician, then get him something that will show off his skills and make the sound of music. A steel tongue drum can be placed on display anywhere in your home or office as its sounds travel through air into every corner thanks for their amazing quality!


You and your partner have been together for eleven years, which is a wonderful achievement. To celebrate this momentous occasion I recommend giving each other steel gifts to symbolize our unity as a couple and promise that we will always share in good times as well bad! Until next year, we wish success to all couples everywhere who celebrate their love like ours does every day.


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