List Of 22 Amazing 50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents

The anniversary is almost here! If your parents are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, it can be hard coming up with a gift. But don’t worry because we’ve got some great ideas for them below- all of which will show how much you care and respect what they’re going through in life right now by making this occasion extra special instead of feeling sorry.

Gift Ideas for Your Parents’ Golden Jubilee Anniversary

You want to make sure that you are buying a present for your parents’ 50th anniversary which will show how much they mean in life. Here is our list of top gift ideas!

  1. Photo Collage

The photo collage is a wonderful gift for your parents. It showcases their precious memories and can be the perfect way to remember good old days, just pick out some of those best shots from around town or at home with you aswell! Hanging them up inside wooden panel makes it easier than ever before- just glue these images on top then stick down wherever desired area provides size appropriate space.

  1. Jewelry

The best gifts are the ones that show you care. Give the gift that never gets old – jewelry! A necklace or bracelet will never go amiss, especially when it’s given as a token of love on an important occasion like your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary!

  1. Chess Board

The chess board is a classic gift that will keep on giving. The game of strategy and thinking skills never gets old, which makes this an excellent present for any parent who loves games! And what better time than now? As we age our brains stay active throughout all times in life –  with this gift you won’t have to worry about cognitive decline due to idleness.

  1. Concert Tickets


The perfect gift for your parents’ golden anniversary is a night out at the theater. You can get them tickets to any show they want, and it will be an experience they’ll never forget!

  1. Vintage Wine

Vintage wine never gets old, and is one of the priciest items on our list. The price tag may seem steep but where you get it from will make that extra precious! You could try giving them sparkling water or champagne instead if they don’t like drinking alcohols – alternatively give them something more tailored towards those who love sipping on glass after beautiful tasting masterpiece of an anniversary dinner party with friends around town enjoying good food while listening to live jazz musicians perform.

  1. Wallet or Purse

You can give your parents an elegant leather wallet or purse. Animal prints are popular, but you’ll find many designer purses with gold plating on the front for them to customize and engrave their names into it if desired!

  1. Newspaper Publishing

What better way to show your parents how much they mean than with a personalized newspaper? Get an unforgettable photo of them taken at some special moment in their life, and have it printed on the front page. Then send that to their home so you can surprise ’em ahead of schedule!

  1. Hand-Knit Blankets

Hand-knitting is a great way to show your love and appreciation. If you’re creative, there are so many things that can be made from hand knits! sweaters for family members who like their warmth in wintertime or scarves for when it’s cold outside – all using just one ball of yarn!!

  1. Dining Set

The dining set is a must-have for any family that wants to have an elegant but also comfortable meal. If you’re looking at getting your parents their 50th anniversary present, this could be exactly what they need!

  1. Skincare Products

The collagen market is booming, and there are so many skincare products to choose from! If your parents don’t expect it as a present but want you anyway -skin care solutions like anti-aging creams can be great gifts. 

  1. 50th Anniversary Mugs

What better way to celebrate 50 years than with a mug? You can order customized mugs online and have the text ‘Happy 50th Anniversary’ printed on it. Get creative in designing your own special celebration design, or just let our templates help you out!

  1. Bedside Lamps


There’s nothing more intimate than sharing information about one another while sleeping, and these lamps make it possible. They’re considered by many couples as the perfect gift for their parents on this day!

  1. Food Basket

The food basket idea is perfect for parents who love to eat specific foods. You can find many custom options online and have a delivered right at their doorstep!

  1. Customized Cutting Board



You can make a personalized and customized cutting board to give as an excellent gift.  We have different sizes and textures available for you to choose from so it can be tailored just right according the recipient requirements.

  1. Glass Statues



That’s a great idea! If you know someone who is an artist and could make one for your parents, they will love it.

  1. Art Sets

Art sets make for the perfect couples gift. Not only will they have something new to add into their collection but also a great way of showing off your creativity together!

  1. Family Journals

What a beautiful way to document the memories from your parents’ 50th anniversary! A family journal is perfect for penning down thoughts and precious moments. You could even get one for yourself.

  1. 50th Anniversary Funny Quote Cap

To show that you care, give them a special hat to wear in honor of the occasion! The perfect accessory for any fun-loving person.

  1. Always You Pillow

Celebrate their one-and only love with Always You pillow. Here is a sweet way for them to be reminded that they always have something special at home waiting on the sofa or bedside table!

  1. Sharing the Joy Soy Candle

Lighting a soy candle is the perfect way to show your appreciation for 50 years of shared love. With each scent, you can share in their memories and commit yourself anew with them.

  1. Le Creuset Stoneware French Press

For some people, the most important thing in life is to wake up and brew a fresh pot of coffee. This special morning ritual deserves an upgrade for those who have been doing it long enough so as not be boring or familiar with what comes out when you press “brew.”

  1. A Floral Bouquet

The final touch to make this 50th anniversary special is a beautiful floral bouquet.  It’s the perfect way to send off your guests and show them how much you care about their big day!


The process of surprising your parents on their anniversary is an experience they will never forget. These gifting ideas will make your parents’ anniversary day absolutely brilliant!

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