The 19 Best 21st-Wedding Anniversary Gifts That Will Win the Day

Celebrate the 21st anniversary with a gift that will last them through their golden years. This is an important milestone in life, so take time to find out what your partner likes and get something appropriate for both of you! To commemorate this eventful two-decade long period together (or if it’s just been one very long day), try giving either brass or nickel jewelry—symbols meaning durability and strength like those found within marriage itself. 

Follow these tips to give your partner an unforgettable gift on their anniversary. Angela Yeranosian, the founder of curated gifting site PATET suggests home décor items go with this theme: think picture frames or candlesticks for a traditional look; if you’re feeling creative then get them some bar set as well! She also recommends small personal possessions such cufflinks (which can be used everyday) and trinket tray- both very thoughtful gifts that will mean so much more than just being costly because we know how important time together means when life gets hectic . At last but certainly not least don’t forget about creativity–there really are no rules after all.

Read on for the best 21st-anniversary gifts

1. Anthropologie Brass Wine Rack

Anthropologie brass wine rack is a beautiful way to show off your favorite bottles. With its shiny metal surface and sinuous curves, this piece will make any room feel like it’s been spiced up with some contemporary style!

2. Nancy Nelson Personalized Brass Cuff

Nancy’s personalization will set this brass cuff apart from others. Instead of carving her initials into a tree, go with something more unexpected and practical! You can cast out these cuffs in real birch trees so they feel rustic yet refined-the contrast between its natural shape makes them perfect for any woman who wants to make an impression but doesn’t need anything fancy or expensive.

3. Michael Aram Nickel Plume Feather Tray

Michael Aram’s feather tray is a beautiful way to represent both the ornate shape and natural beauty that are so intrinsic in this design. The nickel finish provides just enough shine while still maintaining its sleek lines, which makes it ideal for placing on displays or tables where you want some flair without overwhelming your space too much!

4. American Coin Treasures Bison Nickel Cufflinks

These American Coin Treasures Bison Nickel Cufflinks are perfect for the person who loves spending their free time exploring nature. They’re made from a nickel coin that was engraved with an illustration of one majestic bison, and they come in gold-plated finish too!

5. World Market Brass Picture Frames

The World Market Brass Picture Frames offer a wide range of sizes that can be hung on the wall or displayed and will fit any picture you want to frame. For this pretty patina brass frame, choose one of your favorite photos from when two friends were in their heyday – like at some special occasion together! You’ll find frames for all sorts.

6. Williams Sonoma Brass Hammered Mug

What better way to enjoy your favorite drink than with this sleek, high quality mug? The Williams Sonoma Brass Hammered Mug is perfect for any avid barbecuer or just has an appreciation of fine craftsmanship. Crafted from strong material that will last long enough so you never need another partner in crime again!

7. Fawn and Rose Brass Necklace

The simple yet elegant design of this brass necklace is perfect for everyday wear. The four dainty circles make it versatile enough that she can match with any outfit or event in mind, while still maintaining an effortlessly chic look!

8. Minted Custom House Portrait

You’re looking for something really meaningful to commemorate the time you’ve spent living in your house? Our custom portraits make great gifts, and they can be created using any frame style or color theme that suits YOU!

9. Melsy’s Illustrations Personalized Stationery

Melsy’s Illustrations Personalized Stationery is the ultimate gift for all occasions. This chic design can be customized fully—simply select your desired hair and skin color from our selection, as well as a script version of their name at topmost point on note before personalized illustration begins!

10. Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Serving Bowl


The perfect gift for the person who loves to host, this hand-painted serving bowl is made from durable earthenware and will be enjoyed by you or as an elegant decoration. Intricately detailed like cabbage leaves with a vintage vibe that’s ideal in both pasta dishes and salads; it gives off so much personality we think they’ll never want another dish!

11. Pottery Barn Slab Glass Cheese Board

Slice up the perfect piece of authentic cheese for you and your guests to enjoy with this carved recycled glass Cheese Board! It’s a unique addition that will be sure not just look good but also add some flare when serving drinks or appetizers at parties.

12. Brightland The Duo Olive Oil Set

A home chef will swoon at the sight (and taste!) of fancy olive oil. Made in California from hand-harvested olives, this lovely set features two different fragrant blends to try out and use on your dishes!

13. Boll & Branch Spa Towels

Make your home spa-like with Boll & Branch’s luxurious towels. These organic cotton luxury bathrobes come in six colors and can be used as aammy pool cover up, post workout wrap or just for lounging at the beach!

14. World Wildlife Organization Adopt an Animal

A great way to make a difference is by adopting animals through the World Wild Foundation. They will send you this adorable gift and certificate, letting everyone know that they’re on their list of heroes!

15. SQ Drinkware Botique1 Stoneware Mug

The perfect mug for your morning cup of joe, the SQ Drinkware Botique1 Stoneware Mug is crafted from 100% natural stoneware and has a stunning speckled hue. This handmade item will be sure to uplift them in their day with its warmth!

16. Parachute Home Cloud Cotton Robe

What’s cozier than a brand new, luxurious cotton bathrobe? This soft and cozy Robe is made of two-ply gauze to make it feel extra smooth against your skin. It has hidden pockets that keep everything safe from snagging or catching on fire as well as an adjustable waist tie for the perfect fit! There are eight different colors available so you can find one in matching color with anyone else who might be joining you tonight…

17. Juliana N Studio Floral Trinket Tray

While flowers are always a welcome gift, these special ones will last forever. This darling trinket tray is not only gorgeous and functional; it’s handmade with real blooms and shiny flecks of gold cast in see-through resin which means each one can be completely customized to suit your style!

18. Mark & Graham Growlerwerks Growler

The Growlerwerks is a must-have for any beer lover! This stainless steel container will keep your favorite drinks cold and fresh, whether you’re enjoying them at home or on the go. With an engraved monogram addition to make this gift that much more personal, it’s perfect as corporate appreciation presents–or just because we think these things are awesome (and so do their growing number of fans).

19. Tokki ‘Here’s to Being in It Together’ Candle

This hand-poured candle is made with vegan coconut soy wax, featuring a wood wick that crackles as it burns. The sweet sentiment printed on the card will remind you of your partnership each time you light up this lovely treat for yourself!

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