The 18 Best 24th-Anniversary Gifts That Will Win Over Your One-and-Only

How should you celebrate 24 years of marriage?

I am sure that each person has their own idea about what would be best for them. However, I think it’s safe to say most people want something with some meaning behind the event and also an opportunity to thank those who have helped along this journey-from friends in attendance or family members helping out at home during childhood through wedding reception tables come anniversary time!

You have to find the perfect anniversary gift for your loved one, but it’s not impossible. The traditional and modern options are available in every year of their life so you can choose whichever they prefer most! From personalized wall art pieces all throughout their house (or office)to kitchenware sets—you won’t be able stop at just one thing when shopping today because there are so many great things out on display here. You’ll be sure that no matter what type suits them best—they will love this thoughtful present from YOU!!!

Here are some great 24th-anniversary gift ideas for your friends and family.

1. Emma and The Bean Home Personalized Song Wall Art

The perfect way to commemorate your favorite song is with a custom lyric print. Choose from two different frames, along with fonts that will match it perfectly and you’ll have an heirloom for years!

2. Zoë Chicco Opal Stud Earrings

The best gifts come in tiny packages. These petite opal studs follow the traditional theme and are just enough bling to pair with any outfit, adding that special touch of sparkle your partner needs every day! Set in 14K gold settings for a timeless look sure not only make them happy but also last forever.

3. Mood For Wood Musical Rolling Pin

There’s something about the sound of rolling pins that just makes you feel happy. This handmade, musical-themed one is no exception! It features notes and symbols carved into its surface which can be used to emboss different types of baked goods – from pie dough or cookies right down through danish pastries themselves. 

4. Terrain Carved Wood and Marble Serving Board

You deserve an amazing party with this serving platter! The cool marble and half wood design is the perfect way to put together your own delicious display.

5. Mark & Graham Wicker Picnic Basket

Surprise your love with a picnic basket. This cute wicker version has flat lids that can double as small tables, and it’s perfect for date night on-the go! Now all you need is select the ideal wine selection to top off this romantic occasion.

6. Riedel Swirl Stemless Red Wine Glass

The Riedel Swirl Stemless Red Wine Glass is a durable, elegant glass that will stand up to time. It’s designed with aeration goals in mind and has no stems for easy carrying at home or when you want an alternative style than traditional wine goblets provide – it also makes drinking more enjoyable because there’s less chance of spillage!

7. Studio KMO Custom Hand-Cut Map

What’s a place you both love—maybe the spot where your wedding vows were spoken or where one of life’s most cherished moments took place? Show it off with this sweet custom map. Enter an exact address, and artists will hand-cut out paper to make them into symbols that represent what makes each location special in their own unique way!

8. JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Charge 4 Bluetooth Speaker is a sleek and stylish device that comes in different color options to suit any taste. This portable speaker can be taken anywhere because of its water-resistant material, making it perfect for the poolside days we all love so much! The sound quality on this product will keep you rocking out without worrying about distortion or feedback—and with an hour long charge time before each use+.

9. CBYM CREATIVE Hanging Diamond Planter

Why not add some greenery to your home with this beautifully crafted planter? It’s the perfect way for you or someone in the family survive without an indoor garden. Made entirely by hand, it features local wood and eco-friendly practices that are sure bring life into any space!

10. Adita Gold White Opal Necklace

What event is more meaningful than your anniversary? Whether you’re celebrating with a wife or husband, this 24th milestone will be one for the books. To make it even better we’ve got an incredible gift idea that’s perfect: our Adita Gold White Opal Necklace! This handmade necklace features opals from ancient times in Australia along side modern day beauty standards like 14k gold and superior craftsmanship so she’ll never take them off again!

11. W.E.T. Custom Whiskey Decanter

The W.E.T Custom Whiskey Decanter will take your favorite drink from good to great! Now you can enjoy the complexity of whiskey without having it watered down or altered in any way with this exquisite oak vessel that has been handcrafted by expert craftsmen in Scotland for over 250 years – since 1763 when they first started making them at their highlands factory. The WET Custom Decanter will bring all sorts-of flavors together with its sleek design that matches any decor style (and tastes).

12. White Lily Gallery Custom Camp Mugs

It’s time to take your drink with you when going on an adventure! These custom metal mugs are perfect for keeping at home or using while camping. You can personalize them by adding names, dates of importance (like birthdays), messages about what life is like now that we’re grown up–whatever suits YOU best.

13. Wildwood Grilling Wood Smoke Grilling Planks

If your partner loves to cook outdoors and enjoys getting dirty while doing it, then this is the perfect gift for them! These handmade planks come in different woods including cherrywood which adds an extra layer of flavor with its sweet aroma like no other wood can achieve; maple syrup-like qualities from Harrison axe heads (perfect if you’re trying out new recipes); hickory smoked hardwoods great for meat or veggies alike—and cedar apple tangy taste popular among chefs everywhere. 

14. Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Le Creuset is known for their classic, high-quality products. And if you don’t already have one in your kitchen – now’s the perfect time to get yourself an amazing Dutch oven! Made from cast iron with enameled exterior coatings that offer a dependable nonstick surface and more color options than ever before–this gift will serve both foodies well into years ahead

15. Saban Glass Hand Blown Gather Bowl

Bring some sparkle into your life with this hand-blown glass bowl in opal white. It’s the perfect gift for any home chef or hostess who appreciates beautiful dishware!

16. Vinebox Red Wine Experience

When you buy a Vinebox Red Wine Experience, not only can your favorite wines from around the world be enjoyed in perfect condition but also with new knowledge and insight. Each kit comes packaged individually so that each person has their own unique experience!

17. Partners Brooklyn Coffee Subscription

Partners Coffee Subscription is the perfect gift for coffee lovers. You can cater this subscription to your brewing and roast preferences, with freshly roasted blends sent right from Brooklyn every month! Get it via text message so you never miss an order or need more caffeine fixin’s—it’s all available at once without having too many different subscriptions on hand which might get confusing in general if they’re not organized well enough beforehand 

18. Esther Perel Couple’s Reconnection Game

The game is sure to bring a spark to date night. Complete with cards featuring question prompts, it encourages players and their partners/friends alike in sharing stories while learning something new about one another along the way! Just two people can play at once or if there’s more than 2 guests then just sit down together as they’ll get acquainted really quickly because this party favorite only takes 10 minutes per round which makes for great entertainment when hosting friends over dinner.


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