23 Baby Baptism Gifts For Goddaughter That’ll Make Them Feel Blessed

If you’re looking for a perfect present to give at baby’s upcoming christening, we’ve got the best gifts and ideas. What better way to celebrate the biggest event in your child’s life than with a gift that signifies their new beginning? Whether they are breast-feeding, crawling or already walking–you’re going have plenty of fun picking out just what will make this moment memorable. We’ve found some great ideas and vendors so take advantage before it’s too late!

Baptism Gift Etiquette

What should you give for a baby’s baptism? That depends on the relationship and family of your child. If it is an open invite, most parents appreciate gifts but do not require them; however if there are certain people who need to bring money or items then those may work best as well ( baskets).

Godparents are important people in a child’s life, and they always have an opportunity to gift their godchildren with something special. A custom message on this keepsake would be perfect for showing how much you care about them! The phrase “born with silver spoon” symbolizes good fortune which makes it common among baptism gifts given by responsible adults like yourself

Whether you are the baby’s godparents or an honored guest, it is always a wonderful gesture to give them something they can call their own. If this includes religious items such as toys from issuing organizations that have been blessed by leaders in our faith then be sure those pieces will carry some sort of protection against evil spirits along with kindnesses shown before time began! You may also choose any other present like savings bonds which would make for goodague memories long after childhood’s End.

Can’t find the perfect gift? We’ve got you covered with our curated selection of baby-related products. From cute keepsakes to cool gadgets, there is an item here that will make any new parent happy!

Baptism Gifts from Godparents

Want to give your Goddaughter a meaningful gift? We have the perfect selection of baptism gifts that will show how much you care and respect their life! Whether they’re exploring faith or just starting out, there’s an option for everyone here.

1. A Promise to You by Steve Wilson and Lucy Tapper

Godparents are the most important people in a child’s life. This custom book will remind your godson or goddaughter how much you love them, and promise to be there throughout their whole life with personalization options like name(s) & baby’s date of birth!

2. Mignonette Sterling Silver & Cultured Pearl Bracelet

A baby bracelet covered in silver and pearls is a beautiful, elegant choice for your godchild’s upcoming baptism. The traditional gift idea will be loved by all

3. The Sewing Croft Winnie the Pooh Godparent Pillow

This decorative pillow is the perfect gift for any occasion. It features an embroidered quote that will resonate with many children, and it’s paired perfectly by Winnie The Pooh! This could be placed in their room as they grow up so they can cherish every moment of childhood memories here at home or when traveling abroad – either way you’ll know how much we love our little friends from England too 🙂 There are also versions available just containing godfathers’ names on them if this sounds like something your family would enjoy having crafted especially for yourslef.

4. Ocean Drop Designs Godchild Chalkboard Style Print from Godparents

The perfect way to express your love for godchildren is by providing them with custom artwork. We like the chic, chalkboard-inspired sign that features text in both boy and girl-themed styles!

5. Susabella Godchild Gift with Necklace

Personalized keepsake boxes are a great way to store all of your baby’s precious things. This one is personalized with their name and comes complete with an intricately designed cross necklace, making it even more special!

6. The Word Designs Blessed Matching Onesie and Women’s T-Shirt

The best way to celebrate your new baby is with this adorable set! You can wear the adult “blessed” shirt and baby gets an infant blessing onesie. They’re perfect for family photos, holiday celebrations…Wear yours whenever you two get together–you’ll be sure not only give out tons of smiles but also show how proud we really should feel about our babies’ new faith in Christ

7. Words Work Prints Personalized Baptism Gift Nursery Print

If you are faraway godparents, this baptism gift idea will make for the perfect present. The personalized print features your state and baby’s along with hearts connected by a dotted line uniting them because as it says in scripture “your bond knows no distance.”

8. CUDDLE + KIND Lucy the Lamb Little and Regular

They’re a perfect gift for any godchild, and an excellent way to show how much you care. This set includes both the big plush animal held by parent (you) as well as baby’s own small lamb that can be outted on display when they visit! The religious symbolism is obvious – it ties into many childhood memories of growing up with siblings or friends who have also served in this capacity before them; plus these lambs will always remind viewers about our faith no matter what phase ol’ age comes around.

Personalized Baptism Gifts

The importance of a personalized present means that even if you’re not the godparent, your gift will mean just as much. That is because when it comes time for them to be named in church and have their name recorded with God – which doubles as confirmation from both mother or father (or whoever else may legally adopt)- there’s no better way than having something specially made by someone who knows exactly what they need! In turn these baby baptism gifts are all custom printed so each child has his/her own unique design on anything we provided such.

9. My Daily Blessings by Aimee Bissonette

The best gifts for little ones are the ones that help them see things through your eyes. This story isn’t overly religious, but it still has an appropriate blessing-themed theme to celebrate their special day! The author walks you through all of baby’s blessings—including yourself!–to make sure they know how much everyone loves and values her.

10. Company Twenty Six Personalized Baptism Quilt

This quilt is perfect for your new little one to keep them cozy and warm. Get their name personalized embroidered on it with the date of baptism, which will make a beautiful gift at Christmases time!

11. Things Remembered Personalized Praying Boy Musical Snow Globe with Engraving Included

The perfect baby boy baptism gift! A snowglobe containing a praying child is sure to fascinate them for years. The song it plays, “The Lord Is My Shepherd,” perfectly captures their personality and you can engrave the silver message plate with special words (FYI there’s also one that works as an awesome girl name).

12.  Lifetime Creations Personalized Baptism Picture Frame

A personalized photo frame is an awesome baby baptism gift idea. The child’s parents can use it to display a picture from the big day, and when they’re old enough not just their personal photos but also any other special moments in life will be there too!

13. Edge Inspired Personalized Baptism Wooden Star Keepsake

The star-shaped Jesus birth gift for baby boys and girls is precious. It has their name, date of christening/baptism ,and even serves as an adorable decoration on the nursery shelf!

14. Jennifer Postorino Blessed Custom Photo Art

The perfect gift for a new baby girl, this personalized and thematic wall print says “the world is incredibly blessed to have you in it.” The artwork includes encouragement with an amazing night sky backdrop that will make your little one feel like they are dreaming up heaven!

15. Bannor Toys Personalized Blocks

It’s always a joy to give these adorable baby blocks as gifts for children. Not only do they provide an interesting and fun toy, but it is also something that will last their whole life! These pieces can be used from early on in the toddler stage all until adulthood.

16. Smiling Tree Toys Organic Cross Rattle

This beautiful personalized baby rattle is made from 100% natural materials and has an engraving on the side that can be customized with any name or message you want! It comes in the shape of an X-shaped cross. It’s perfect for baptized children!

17. Handmade Gift Ideas Memory Box for Baptism

Personalized baby gifts are always the best! This sweet personalized baptism gift for a boy or girl is perfect, with its cute elephant cutouts. You can customize it by adding your child’s name and date of birth to make this one-of-a kind keepsake box that they’ll treasure forever.

18. Norma & Dorothy Personalized Baptism Card

What better way to celebrate your baby’s special day than by giving them some celebration cards? This set features a cute and festive design, the words “on your baptized days” written across it in gold lettering. Of course there is also her name on this adorable card!

Unique Baptism Gifts

Think outside the box when shopping for a new baby’s christening gift. These creative and unexpected ideas will make you stand out from other parents in your neighborhood!

19. Manducat Rosaries Custom Catholic Baby Gift Teether

This unique teether has been converted into an elegant rosary! The beads are perfect for babies who want something both simple and practical, while the wooden cross ensures that your child will never be without protection.

20. Bless Our Littles Baby Swaddle Scripture Blanket

Perhaps the most comforting one is this swaddle printed with scripture. It reads, “God has you in his hands,” and serves as a super-thoughtful baptism gift from godparents to their Goddaughter or blessed son!

21. Wood Life Prints Baptism Gift Constellation Art

A print of the sky on that very special day is a perfect way to commemorate your child’s birth or baptism.The stars have always been integral part our cultural heritage, so it makes sense they would be used as decoration in this case too!

22. Pehr Noah’s Ark Mobile

The artful baby crib mobile is a beautifully luxe addition to any nursery. It’s also occasion-appropriate thanks to its modern, Noah’s Ark inspired design that will be sure not only delight your little one but everyone in the room as well!

23. Mud Pie Baby Blessings Jar

The kit comes with a cute jar and little hearts you can write personalized “blessings” on for baby’s parents. When they open it, even if the child is too old to recognize what “their blessing” means at first glance – he’ll love seeing his own name in print!

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