13 Best Godson Gifts From Godmother That Will Be Appreciated

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your godchild when it becomes necessary that they be baptized or christened, then there are some rules which should guide every parent. For example- gifts given at this time typically have more sentimental value than other presents; these items will not only be cherished but used as well!

The best way to celebrate the spiritual journey of your child is with a thoughtful gift. Maybe you would prefer something more practical, like an educational toy or book that will help them grow into their future self; whatever it may be – there are so many options out on our website! One thing’s certain though: all these amazing pieces of loot come straight from mommy (or daddy) heart themselves

Baby Baptism Gifts & Personalized Christening Gifts

1. Baptism Name Blocks

Available in packs of three to 25, these hand-crafted name blocks (measuring one and a half inches each) are aesthetic yet functional. These wooden pieces double as nursery decor that can follow your baby through their developmental milestones from sight word recognition all the way up until they learn how read properly!

2. ‘God Gave Us You’ Hardcover Book

This book will have both children and adults smiling as they read about this special moment in time before birth: when parents knew their child would be coming into the world soon but could not know if it was a girl or boy; what things might happen with them once here like chasing frogs by moonlight under stars during starry nights. It’s also wonderful for getting kids ready at bedtime (and helping parents get some sleep too!)

3. Engraved Baptism Picture Frame

This gift is simple, yet sentimental. You have the option to engrave this wooden picture frame with your child’s name and baptism or christening date – up to 20 characters each! But if you want it even more personal we can include more than one line for them so they are always displayed proudly in their own space at home. The top reads “For he will give his angels charge over (you), so there’ll always be someone watching over.”

4. Precious Moments ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Snow Globe

This amazing snow globe features a Precious Moments’ character who’s sitting with little lamb. The front of the globe is embellished with words from Jesus that read, “I love you.” Amazon reviewers have said this would make an excellent gift for children or adults alike-a perfect way to show off your spiritual side!

5. Personalized Nursery Wall Art

Give your godson or nephew a gift that will show how much you care about him. This Etsy seller is willing to send over the printable file within 24 hours of purchase, and they’ll include six different sizes for printing at home on paper! For an additional $5 it’s also possible ask them custom craft some matching tags too–you can add in their details along with when they were baptized so there are no mistakes during presents time around again this year.

6. Fayfaire Baptism Gifts for Boys Christening Outfit

Commemorate your little one’s baptism with a #Blessed bodysuit designed by the Los Angeles-based mom-and pop clothing shop. This gift includes an adorable outfit for him in time of celebration!

7. Keepsake Elephant

What a cute gift! For the person who has everything, this keepsake elephant is an excellent way to express their dedication. You can choose whether they want their name on it in gold letters or have no decoration at all- perfect for those without any special requests (like me!). The Bow available colors are white pink light pink lavender red; you also get choices of where your accent color goes: either ear neck Disability access advocate? Justify why these items matter most by telling us what makes each one unique.

8. Hand-Embossed Baby Christening Shoes

Give your little one a personalized, hand- Embossed leather baptism shoe so they can be celebrating their special day with style! Available in sizes large enough to fit babies from three – nine months old; these shoes are customizable. Add the child’s name (up 11 letters) and date of birth or christening for an extra personal touch that will last forever young manhood ceremony.

9. ‘Everybunny Prays’ Praying Musical Bunny Keepsake

Now your child can pray with this adorable stuffed animal! The bunny’s hands are always in prayer position, and it speaks “Now I lay me down to sleep” every time you press on its tummy. This set includes an illustrated book about how God loves us even when we feel unloved or forgotten by others–as well as 16 colorful drawings from author Bethany Aneleusso who is also the illustrator behind these delightful illustrations inside of each page!!

10. ‘Little Book of Blessings’ Personalized Baptism Gift

Your godson will feel like an angel when she receives this personalized “Little Book of Blessings” from you. The hardcover book features 20 pages filled with inspiring messages and designs that can help guide his every step along the way, including stories about compassion and gratitude! You could also add names (up to five) for friends/family members who are important in your life too; it’s a great gift idea no matter what their age may be – they’re sure not going Amistad without them!

11. Stuff4Tots Inspirational Baby Blanket

What’s cuter than a baby wrapped in their favorite blanket? A little girl who has designs of scripture on it to keep them warm at night and encouragement during childhood. This soft, lightweight quilt is perfect for any room because its embroidered with inspirational verses from Bible stories such as hospitality or Compassion so you can be sure your child will always have someone close by when they need it most!

12. Maple & J Children’s Gold MJ Bracelet


We have found the perfect gift for that special little someone in your life! Maple & J has created baby bracelets with gold plated beads, silver-stone accents and colorful gemstones. They come sized from infant to 2 1/2 years old so there is something sure fit on every chubby wrist out there.

13. Baby Son Gift Hamper With Fleece Wrap, Hooded Towel, Clothing, and Teddy Bear

Whether you’re shopping for a newborn or an older child, this baby son gift hamper is sure to be appreciated. Your loved one will receive the following items: A teddy bear with soft fur and glass eyes; A brush & comb set complete with glasses (for those early days); A comfortable blanket that they can wrap themselves up in when it’s time get down from their cuddly toy car.

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