28 Silly and Sexy Funny Christmas Gifts For Boyfriend

Holidays and times of turmoil tend to take their toll on our sense of humor. But it’s important not only that we laugh during these tough periods but also share the laughter with others so they can reap its benefits too! You may be shopping for someone who never seems interested in your jokes or has a sharp wit. What better way than giving them this hilarious gift set perfect for any occasion? It’ll bring smiles from everyone around—even if there are some tears among those laughs because life is short sometimes.

1. I Love You More Photo Desktop Plaque

There’s nothing more romantic than a photo plaque to show how much you care. Give this unique gift for your significant other as their “I love you” present, and they’ll know that it comes from the heart!

2. Custom Initial Name Mug

The heat is unbearable, but it’s been worth every minute since you first laid eyes on each other. You know what he does and how great his talents are for making sure that these days are always fun! Give him a thank-you note to show just where your thoughts have gone at all times when there’s no one else around.

3. Custom Photo Pillow

Show him how much you love and miss him with this adorable long-distance gift. While he won’t be able to hug or kiss your lips every day, the pillow will let him cuddle up until next time together!

4. Embroidered Toilet Paper

You’ve been through a lot together. Good times, bad times and crappy moments that would make anyone want to give up on their relationship! This gift as let him know a message from you “I cannot believe you’ve been with me through everything. I mean, from the good times to bad ones and all of those crummy moments in between! You are such an amazing partner.”

5. Spooning Pillow Set

There are always two sides to every story, and these pillows represent the yin-yang of relationships. A perfect gift idea for him (or her!) who wants their home decorated in fun colors with cute items that say they care about celebrating both partners equally!

6. Chocolate Game Controller

If your boyfriend always seems to have his game controller in hands when he’s not holding onto you, then give him this fun and editable gift!

Whiskey Gun Decanter Set & Bullet Glasses

The perfect gift for the guy who has everything, this whiskey decanter will make him feel like a real firearm. With glasses that come complete with bullets inside them and an authentic looking design to match any style preference or mood – there’s no doubt in our minds why so many people are choosing it as their favorite present!

7. Sexy Notepad

Give your boyfriend a laugh and some sexy notes with this hilarious, no-fooling notepad. It’s perfect for letting him know what you’re thinking without having to say anything. He’ll be thankful for the romantic gesture even if he doesn’t understand what is so funny!

8. Boxer Brief for Him

He’ll be wearing these ultra-comfortable boxers often to test out if the saying works on his sweetheart. He may not admit it, but he has a hunch that she might find this comical and cute!

9. Beer Soap

He loves beer, right? Well get him something that will make his favorite drink even more enjoyable. This soap looks like some of the finest beers in style and smells deliciously sweet! A perfect gift for any fan who enjoys sudsing up their life with a good old fashioned glass or two (or five).

10. Funny Towel 


He’s probably got a few towels hiding under his bed, but he doesn’t know which one is good. This clever gift will make sure he never misplaces his towel again with its handy dispenser appearance, keeping him fresh and clean at all times!

11. You’re My Favorite Asshole Spoon

Make sure he knows how much you love him by giving the man with whom it is so easy to begrudge each other an extra-special gift. Whether munching on cereal or chowing down the last bit of ice cream, give him his favorite spoon and let those feelings sink in for themselves

12. My Girlfriend Is Hotter Than My Coffee Funny Mug 

He knows it, you know he does. When that special guy in your life drinks his coffee from here every morning and sees this mug on display for him – well let’s just say there will be no smile too big or wide to contain all of those teeth marks!

13. Keychain

This adorable keychain is the perfect gift for any boyfriend who loves to drive. reminder him of your concern when he’s out and about without you around, while also being able keep track on his location at all times!

14. Furry Feet

Why not get your boyfriend these super soft and comfortable furry slippers? They’re a win-win. The perfect way to spend time with him, while also making sure his feet stay warm all day long!

15. Alligator Blanket

Why not get him this funny alligator blanket to make sure he doesn’t steal yours? He’ll be wrapped up in seconds and you can enjoy a movie or two while we’re watching TV at night together.

16. You Are My Significant Otter Photo Desktop Plaque 

He may be a bit Valentine’s Day-dependent, but you can still show him how much he means to your heart with this unique photo plaque. The perfect way let him know you love how you want to be with him forever.

17. I Am All Yours Funny Custom Mug

You may think that your man knows how much you love him, but there are certain things in life which can never be expressed enough. Let this mug take the place of flowers and jewelry- it will tell him just what he means to us every time he takes a sip!

18. Novelty Wallet Insert Card

The best thing you can do to make your boyfriend feel better when he’s having a bad day is buy him this little card. It will instantly bring joy and happiness in his face, which means that whatever was bothering him before just fades away!

19. Vitamin Me Daily Dose of Love


Sometimes you need a little reminder of how much he means to your life. Maybe these cute pills with smiley faces will help! They’re perfect for boyfriends who have everything, and are super easy-to give as gifts because all that’s required is writing on the inside cover.

20. Toilet Bowl Night Light

Is your boyfriend a terrible shot? Get him this toilet bowl night light to help keep track of time while he’s in the middle-of nowhere. A practical yet funny present that will make both you and their living space smell better!

21. Knitted Drink Holder

This novelty beer koozie is the perfect gift for any man who loves to drink his favorite brews. It keeps both hands and drinks warm, so he can enjoy them without worrying about freezing solid or getting thirsty again anytime soon! A thoughtful handmade item from you – it’s sure be greatly appreciated by this guy (or gal!).

22. Tumbler Anniversary Gifts For Him

He may be the best pillow ever, but you can’t get any good sleep with him next to your head. Tell him how much trouble he’s causing by getting this funny mug for himself!

23. Belly Button Cleaning Brush

Who said the only cool gift is a tangible one? This belly button cleaning brush not only has novelty value, it also provides some use! A great way to get him away from all that pesky lint in his navel.

24. Toilet Timer by Katamco

Have you ever noticed how your boyfriend seems to spend forever in the bathroom? It’s likely he’s not actually going but sitting on his phone, avoiding other responsibilities.

The toilet timer can be a great way for him (and yourself!)to get things done without wasting too much precious time!

25. Beer Holster

He’s got a holster for his tools, but what about the beer? Whether he’s working out in the yard or cooking on barbecue grill – this would be perfect companion. So why not get him one of these cool holsters and make sure that whereverver your man goes; there are always drinks within reach!

26. Funny Apron

Give your guy a chance to show off his cooking skills and he’ll be happier than ever. The perfect addition for any grill-lovers’ weekend plans, this funny Apron will make him feel like the king of all burgers!

27. Funny First Paper Anniversary Gift

This is the perfect way to spice up your bedroom routine and keep things fresh. This discreet sex toy for couple’s who have been together a while, or even just as occasional surprise gift!

28. Pink One in a Million Sweet

Give him something to snack on that will make his taste buds happy and give you a chance to show how much he means in life with these one-of -a kind sweets. A perfect present for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion when love is needed!

What better way to show your boyfriend how much he means than by getting him something really special? He’s sure going love anything on this list, I guarantee it!


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