27 Funny Birthday Ideas For Boyfriend That Will Have Him Laughing Hard

We all know that buying a birthday gift for your boyfriend can be hard, if you’re struggling with ideas and don’t want him boredom then we’ve got the perfect solution! Our list of 31 funny gifts will have him rolling on floor in laughter before even opening it.

The kind of guy who enjoys goofy things and has a good sense of humor will find these affordable ideas perfect for their personality. They’re also great as gifts during difficult times because laughter can be one the most potent remedies against stress!

Ideas for the perfect celebration are just a few clicks away. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your birthday or qualify as an April Fool’s Day joke, our ideas will make it special and unique without being too overwhelming!

Funny Gifts Boyfriend Will Love

If you know a man who says he doesn’t need anything, this is the perfect gift for him! These hilarious gifts will make everyone laugh and have fun.

1. Meat Tenderizer

He will be so excited to cook and eat his own home-catered meal, he won’t even notice that you got him the Thor Hammer Meat Tenderizer. Avengers fanatics are in luck because this one is an actual functioning tool from Asgard!

2. Open Bottles Like a Superhero

This hammer-shaped opener will give him superhero strength to crack open the beer bottle. It’s a fun and affordable gift that he’ll enjoy for years! The set comes in two so you can keep one at home and another by his man cave (or wherever else).

3. Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

Give him a humorous surprise on his big day with our 2-ply toilet paper, perfect for those mornings when you need to get things done without worrying about being too gentle!

4. Talking Toilet Paper Spindle

Talk about a great gift idea for your favorite funnyman! This talking toilet paper spindle will record messages or lines from any book you read to him. It’s the perfect way of making sure he always has something interesting going on in his life and never forgets how much we care with all these hilarious surprises around every corner…or bathroom stall, as it were.

5. Face Butt Soap

He’s always been a jokester, but now he can be butt-faced too! The cheeky cleaning soap will have everyone in stitches with its refreshing scent and hilarious effect. A great gift for any guy who loves causing trouble – or maybe just yourself?

6. Desk Accessory

The desktop basketball game is perfect for days when he’s bored at work or needs a break from all that stress. The ball can’t go anywhere without being attached with thread, so there are no worries about losing it!

7. A Cute Towel

He will love this because it’s just what he needs to keep his spirits up while being away from you. The rag is made of 100% cotton, soft and luxurious.. exactly how we want our men. A brilliant idea if your boyfriend has been living abroad or gone on a long distance relationships journey so far!

8. Personalized Briefs

Naughty gifts that are perfect for any special occasion. From milestone events to romantic dates, there is no better way to brand your man than with personalized underpants!

9. Funny Book

The most interesting book he has ever read. The questions are sensible, thought-provoking and sometimes difficult to answer but that just makes it more exciting when you finally figure out what the author was trying say!

10. Reusable Gas Neutralizers

The Activated Carbon Fart Pad is exactly what you think it’s going to be. A great gag gift for April fool’s day or his birthday, the best part being that they work! He won’t stop laughing and everyone will know how witty he really can behave when pushed into a corner – even if said corner happens to have some tasty-smelling food in it too.

11. Biggest Back Scratcher

The perfect gift for any guy, this is actually very practical! Most guys would agree that the Big Back Scratcher will make them feel better when you’re not around to give your love a good back scratch.

12. Hilarious Girlfriend Pillow

This pillow is a must have for any couple that doesn’t get to see each other as often. The Girlfriend Pillow will help you stay connected and make him feel better while he wait patiently by the phone or computer screen!

13. Toilet Time Golf Game

This is the perfect gift for any man who has everything. It’s a miniature golf course that can be used in your bathroom! He’ll get to exercise his skills, take care of business (you know what they say: no one likes waiting around), and have some much-needed fun with this creative idea.

14. Hand Shit Cream

What’s worse than a man with dry skin? A man who smells like he has been rolling in animal dung. Give him some Hand Shit cream, which will not only moisturize but also freshen up his hands and feet by releasing all those wonderful citrus scents from our proprietary blend of oils!

15. Prank Gift Box

Maybe you want to get him something nice for his birthday or just show how much he means in your life. But, whatever the occasion is , we have got this perfect solution! We know that opening gifts can be stressful so why not make it a little more interesting than what’s inside? The Hilarious Prank Gift Box will do wonders at getting their attention and curiousity up while still being able give them something great from our store.

16. Urinal Shot Glasses

The hilarious urinal shot glasses are made of ceramic, and they look just like the real deal! The silly joke gift is sure to gross some people out but it will be a party favorite.

17. Cereal Killer Spoon

When you love someone with all your heart, it’s hard to say goodbye. But if that person loves cereal as much or more than they do life itself? You’ll want this spoon for them! The perfect gift idea because nobody can resist a good dose of sugar and crunchy goodness from their favorite breakfast bowl every morning.

18. Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Funny magnetic clip holder will make him remember your humorous side for years to come! Whether it’s a birthday or just because, you can’t go wrong with this cool pen-shaped accessory.

The Albert Einstein Magnetic Clip Holder is not only whimsical but also makes an impression at work – especially when paired up alongside other office supplies in his desk drawer including pencils and pads of paper (perfect!). It’ll be hard enough getting everyone else excited about doing their job; now they’re guaranteed minimum productivity thanks all day long knowing there are jokes waiting on them each time he turns around.

19. Football Whiskey Stones

The football shaped whiskey stones are a must for all Bills fans. They’re perfect to enjoy during game day and will remind you of your favorite team’s victory every time they see it!

20. Something Inspired by His Favorite Show

He’s going to be so excited that he can’t stop laughing! This is the perfect gift for any squid Game devotee. It comes packed in an elegant box just like on TV, and contains Dalgona sugar candy (that sounds delicious), which are sweet treats made from hardened sap of trees grown at high altitude to give them a creamy consistency similar.

Silly Gifts That Promise To Make Him Laugh

21. Unique Boxers

So yeah, I can’t say for certain what this beauty would be like if you wore it but my bet is that he’ll love how comfy and funny they are! The boxer shorts have got to be one of the most comfortable things ever while also being insanely hilarious at times too so don’t miss out.

22. Star Wars Waffle Iron

Is there anything more delicious than a warm, fluffy waffle? If you’re looking for the perfect gift this Christmas then look no further! Give him his very own Star Wars Waffle Maker. He’ll be able to impress all of those breakfast guests with yummy treats that have been made in such an unique way.

23. Rug He will Love To Hug

Money is like the root of all happiness, and this money-printing rug was made just for him! He’s going to love this. A fabulous décor item for his home office that will make him feel like a millionaire even if it is only an $100 bill printed rug!

24. Work out and Drinking Partner

When the guy who has everything gets his hands on some new beer glasses, it’s time to make sure that workouts don’t sound like a chore anymore. These quirky and funny glassware is perfect for any athlete in training or just looking forward from eating healthier!

25. Burrito Blanket

Cute and cuddly, this warm tortilla print blanket will make you feel cozy all over. The fun colors are great for fall or winter nights when it’s cold outside but not enough to need a heavy coat–just wrap yourself in the soft fabric while watching your favorite Netflix show!

26. Animal Tail Blanket

For the grown-up who has everything, but still needs a little something special. A perfect gift for boyfriend on his birthday or Christmas! He can cuddle up with this fun animal tail blanket while watching friends and family photos all day long–and it’s made of super soft minky fabric so he’ll never complain about cold feet again (unless you give him two). 

27. An Accessory for the Home Bar

The perfect gift for any home bar enthusiast. With a humorous design that will have everyone talking, this dispenser is sure to become the center piece of your friend’s drinks table!


You are sure to find the perfect gift for your boyfriend with these fun and silly ideas. There is a wide variety of items, so no matter what he likes or where in life he’s at right now you’ll be able make him enjoy anything!


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