33 One Year Anniversary Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Absolutely Love (Updated 2022)

Your one-year anniversary is coming up and you’re wondering what to get your girlfriend? Anniversaries often mean very special gifts in relationships. If she expects anything, it will probably be a present! When looking for the perfect thing on this day (or any other), always try thinking about how excited or happy we could make our significant other feel by giving them something awesome – because those are memories worth remembering forever.

With the one-year anniversary of your relationship coming up, you’re probably looking for a gift to show how much love is there between two people. It doesn’t have be expensive or complicated; in fact we’ve got 35 simple ideas that won’t break any bank account!

1. One Year Anniversary Photo Collage Desktop Plaque

The perfect gift for your one-year anniversary! This plaque can be placed on a coffee table or shelf to show off the artwork. It’s an elegant photo collage that’ll look great in any room. It includes an inspirational message, as well as different portions of time that are represented in this image – months, weeks days hours minutes seconds & years make up another measureable unit called “time.”

2. Spiral Song Lyrics Canvas

What’s cuter than a vinyl record? A canvas print of one! If your girlfriend loves her classic tunes and you’re looking for the perfect gift, this is it. With custom lyrics around every side (you provide them), plus an inside message from yourself about how much she means to YOU-she’ll never want another gift again as long as there are tears in space…

3. One Year Down Forever To Go Custom Photo Ornament

The custom photo ornament is the perfect gift for any couple celebrating their anniversary. It’s a 3″x3” stick-on figurine that can be customized with your choice of picture and lasts year round!

4. Song Lyrics Custom Pillow

Are you in need of the perfect anniversary gift? What better way than by giving your girlfriend something that is personalized with words from one their favorite songs! You’ll be able to choose between different colors and fonts, so it will match her personal style perfectly- plus we’ll even throw some emojis onto this adorable pillow too!

5. Photo Collage Canvas Print

Put together some of your favorite pictures from the past year to make a collage in this canvas print. It’s an anniversary gift for her that will last as long and be sweetly sentimental! You can customize it with different stickers or texts if you want something more personal too – just let us know!

6. Custom Candle

Customized candles make the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend. You can customize a candle with any song you want and even include pictures to help remind both of how much time has passed since starting this journey together!

7. Skin Care Kit

The skin care kit is a great gift for your girlfriend if she takes time out of each day to do her own makeup and skincare. This anniversary present contains everything needed, including face masks that will keep wrinkles at bay as well as toner pads so you don’t have any worries about dry patches on those trouble spots!

8. Map Wall Art Retro Style Custom Canvas Print

If you’re looking for a custom and sentimental gift to give your girlfriend on their first anniversary, then this map of where the relationship started is perfect. You can print it out in any size that suits both of your needs (I recommend getting an 8×10) so all eyes will be drawn towards its beauty when displayed prominently above our fireplace or sitting proudly atop one corner table after another throughout her home!

9. Acrylic Lamp

The perfect gift for the one you love! This acrylic lamp can be personalized to include both of your names inside an infinity symbol. It’s just so romantic and would look great on their night-stand or desk at work!!!

10. Necklace

Create your own individual style by choosing the necklace you want. The small white gold pendant has an elegant design with clear crystals on top, which can also be changed to match any outfit or event! You will not regret giving this thoughtful present as it’s perfect for individuals who are looking forward in celebrating their first anniversary together.

11. Custom Photo Collage Pillow

When you’re looking for a unique present to show your significant other just how much they mean in life, consider getting them this custom photo collage pillow. It can be customized with any number of photos from throughout the year that captures important moments together like when you started dating or your first date went well!

12. Heart Shaped Photo Collage Custom Canvas

What is more important than the love of your life? This heart-shaped photo collage canvas will let you share all those special moments together on one big blanket! You can add a sweet message or even date to make it extra personal for her. She deserves nothing but happiness, so give this as an engagement gift today!

13. Dating Box

Celebrate your first year of marriage with this custom-designed dating box. You can fill in the blank for any date you want to celebrate or simply use it as an inspirational journal of all things related to love and relationships!

14. Custom Photo Collage Blanket

The photo collage blanket is a fun idea for the person who loves taking pictures with their loved ones. You can choose which picture goes where on this canvas and it’ll create an adorable heart-shaped shape!

15. Perfume

What better way to show your girlfriend that you care for her than by buying this beautiful, romantic perfume? This scented oil has a unique scent of roses mixed with sea spray and pepper. It’s perfect year-round but especially during summertime!

16. Bath Body & Spa Gifts Box

 If your girlfriend loves relaxing in the tub or on a long trip, then get her this awesome box from Bath Body & Spa. She’ll have everything she needs for pampering herself including some beauty products along with all other necessities like shampoo and conditioner so there won’t be anything left out when it comes time to spend quality bonding moments together after work.

17. Couple Puzzle Map Canvas

A fun way to remember your anniversary is by having a puzzle map of where you’ve been together! This cute canvas will be an awesome decoration in any room, and it makes for great gifts too–especially if she loves travel like I do.

18. Amazing Year Together Custom Year Photo Mug

You and your partner have spent the last 365 days together. You’ve seen each other at your best, you’ve also had some tough moments that made it clear how much of a difference she is to your life – always there for support no matter what! Now imagine having this custom mug in hand as an expression of gratitude because spending one amazing year with someone else can only mean good things are ahead.

19. Ceramic Kissing Mugs

If drinking coffee or tea in the morning with your girlfriend is what you do best, then these ceramic kissing mugs are just for YOU. They fit perfectly together and give off an illusion that they’re actually facinating each other! We can customize them to suit any taste.

20. Bath Bombs Gift

The perfect way to make an anniversary more romantic is by giving your girlfriend a gift she will love. This set of bath bombs come with different scents and aromatherapy properties that are sure match any mood or preference, making it easy for her get lost in relaxation time!

21. Adventure Book Scrapbook

If you and your significant other are an adventurous couple, this scrapbook is perfect for the two of yez. Not only does it provide a space where she can express herself artistically or use it as bonding time by filling out pages together – but there’s also some great photos in here from all over our world!

22. I Love You For All That You Are Custom Photo Canvas

A custom photo canvas is a great gift for your girlfriend on the occasion of her one-year anniversary. This canvas can be personalized with any special memories or phrases you want to captured in it, making this an excellent way to commemorate such an important time together while also showing off some creative talent!

23. Handwriting Bracelet

The best way to show you care for your significant other on their birthday is by getting them something that will last. A personalized handwriting bracelet can be crafted with love, dedication and time-consuming efforts into it’s very meaningful design! This may sound like more work than just buying some cheap jewelry from the store but when we consider what type of gift this could potentially become later in life–something truly priceless–it becomes clear why so many people make such an effort here at our company.

24. Leaf Bag Backpack Book Messenger Purse

You can finally find the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend with this adorable backpack! It’s available in several colors, has plenty of roomy compartments to store all her things in style (and some yours too), plus it looks great on anyone.

25. Custom Photo Canvas Print

Celebrate your special day with a custom photo canvas print. You can customize the design to fit any theme or event and pick between 3 different sizes! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries…this is an amazing gift idea that will be forever cherished by both of you (and maybe even friends!)

26. Leather Photo Album

You and your girlfriend are adventurers, aren’t you? Well here’s a photo album to document all of the adventures that will be coming soon. You can customize everything from color cardstock paper or binding type (ribbon or glued) – whatever suits her style best!

27. Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are the best way to tell your girlfriend that she means so much more than just a friend. A teddy bear can be her comical gift, especially with an adorable message attached!

28. Smart Watch

Keep your significant other stylish and fashionable with a smartwatch. This Galaxy Watch by Samsung has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can keep track of her 24/7 without having to worry about loaning or giving away one of our phones in order for them both have access at all times! The rose gold color is trendy right now too – it’ll likely make the wearer stand out whenever she does wear this beautiful accessory on her wrist (which we know everyone loves).

29. Moon and Star Earrings

The earring set is perfect for a romantic anniversary gift! These simple yet elegant pieces will add just the right amount of edge without being too overbearing or distracting from your outfit with their dark tone stones (which can also work well during other times).

30. Magic Box

One year anniversary gifts for girlfriend that can actually be personalized are always in style. This magic box allows you to customize it with your own sayings, words or dates so she knows how much she means to you each time someone opens their gift!

31. Reasons why I love you

Here are 20 reasons why I love you. If your girlfriend is into doing puzzles then this anniversary gift would be perfect! Customize the top of box with a name and short message on it so when they open up their present all those special moments will come flooding back in mind–like how soon after we met did things start happening between us? Or maybe what our first date was like…

32. Song Lyric Box Plays Music

This is the most ideal anniversary gift for your girlfriend who might love music. The box can contain song lyrics that can be played and you can choose to include your own lyrics and 2 minutes of your favorite audio. The top of the box can also be engraved.

33. Custom Star Map Print

The perfect gift for your favorite couple, this canvas print features the location and date of when you first started dating. It’s an elegant way to commemorate such a significant moment in life!

Find the Perfect 1 Year Anniversary Gift

If there’s anyone who deserves a special gifts on their one-year anniversary, it’s your girlfriend. The options above will help you find the perfect present for her—whether or not she likes surprises! One of these things is sure to please any woman and show how much last year meant in terms of love from both parties involved (plus maybe some other nice gestures).

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