The 34 Best 23rd Wedding Anniversary Gifts Your Partner Will Love

Your 23rd wedding anniversary is fast approaching and you’re looking for the perfect gift. We have just what every husband or wife needs!

On their 23rd wedding anniversary, couples have been gifting items made from silver plate. The good news is that this material can be found in many different forms and represents togetherness for both spouses who celebrate the occasion with a gift they hope will last forever – even if it’s just one photo frame or dish! venue recommends thinking outside of what you might expect when giving gifts so your partner feels special no matter how big/small his/her preference may seem on paper.

We’ve got the perfect 23rd wedding anniversary gift for you! These quality silver-plated serving essentials will make it easy to celebrate with your spouse, while also delighting them. And don’t worry about getting creative because we have all sorts of unique pieces that can’t be found anywhere else on this site so take some time out today and browse around until something catches his eye or hers – then send an email right away telling us which one she chooses (or him!).

1. Audley Silver Salt and Pepper Grinders

Presented in a gorgeous purple box, your other half will love this useful and stylish anniversary present. The Audley Silver Salt & Pepper Grinders are the perfect way to add some bling-bling style tableware without breaking out those old chipped cups!

2. Circle Lariat Bar Pendant 

The Circle Lariat Bar Pendant is a handmade from sterling silver and has the perfect mix of modernity, classicism. This minimalist necklace can be worn alone or doubled up with another chain to create an elegant look that’s trending right now!

3. Personalised Silver Plated Cheese Knife 

If your partner would choose the smelly stuff over a dessert every time, then why not treat them to something special? Give them this cheese knife that will make any meal more enjoyable with its personalized engraving and quotes or jokes of their choosing!

4. Vera Wang @ Wedgwood With Love Nouveau Pearl Photo Frame

“Vera Wang @ Wedgwood With Love Nouveau Pearl Photo Frame” is such a creative and thoughtful gift idea for any bride who loves her photos. The personalized frame will make them feel like they’re being invited into their own wedding scrapbook, while still providing you with an elegant way of displaying those favorite memories from years past!

5. Kendra Scott Presleigh Love Knot Silver Stud Earrings 

You tied the knot 23 years ago and so what better gift than silver-plated love knot jewellery? Simple and chic, these Kendra Scott earrings are definitely every day staple material.

6. Personalized Silver Plated Heart Compact Mirror 

The perfect gift for your loved one’s 23rd wedding anniversary is this personalized silver heart compact mirror from The Alphabet Gift Shop. It features an elegant design that will be both stylish and meaningful as well!

7. Arthur Price Embossed Silver Plated Tray 

The luxurious Arthur Price Embossed Silver Plated Tray is a perfect gift for the host who has everything. The silky smooth surface will make serving drinks feel like an event, not just another chore in life!

8. Caran D’Ache Silver Plated Ballpoint Pen 


The pen is a timeless gift that’ll be worth the investment. This beautiful Caran D’Ache stationary will live on your significant other’s desk or suit pocket as they remember this special day whenever he/she uses it!

9. Personalised Sixpence Money Clip


The Little Boys Room have created a brilliantly designed money clip that is perfect for organizing cash and stopping you from losing notes. You can even customise it with your partner’s name, making this super personalised piece of loot an absolute gift!

10. Arthur Price Old English Silver Plated 44-Piece Cutlery Set

The Old English Silver Plated 44-Piece Cutlery Set is a timeless gift that will never go out of fashion and always have place at your family table. This Arthur Price set comes with classic shapes, made from high quality materials to last for years!

11. Personalised Silver Plated Vintage Cake Knife

Your partner is going to be thrilled when you give them this personalized, vintage-themed cake knife as their gift. It would make an unforgettable Christmas or birthday present!

12. Silver-Plated Personalised Wine Coaster 

The gift of spilling and scratching is a thing we all dread when it comes time to give wine. But now, with this beautiful silver-plated personalised coaster from Hersey Silversmiths you can avoid those problems! Plus if your partner loves their drink as much they will love having one on display at home or for entertaining guests in style–especially since its custom made just for them so no other coasters exist like yours besides these chic handmade beauties by our expert craftsmen here.

13. Culinary Concepts Silver Plated Hammered Wine Chalices

The 23rd anniversary is a big deal, which means you need to put your best foot forward with the drinks! These contemporary silver plated chalices from Culinary Concepts at Farrer & Tanner will do just that. These contemporary silver-plated hammered wine chalices from Culinary Concepts will make your 23rd anniversary toast that bit more special!

14. Personalised Special Location Cufflinks 

This sterling silver location-themed set of cufflinks is perfect for everyday wear. Whether you’re at work or celebrating an anniversary, Hurleyburlyman will personalise them to fit your needs!

15. Janson Silver-Plated Tray 

The Janson Silver-Plated Tray is perfect for serving breakfast in bed on your anniversary. The bamboo handles add a contemporary feel to this traditional design which will make it seem like you’re eating off of an expensive plate, even if they’re using standard white ware!

16. Silver Plated Piggy Bank 

Why not buy your spouse this Silver Plated Piggy Bank from Chapel Cards? You can vow to pop a coin in every day between now and 24th wedding anniversary, then spend the lot on special treat for both of you!

17. Silver Plated Candelabra 

The Newbridge Silverware candelabra is beautiful, with its shiny silver plating. We bet you’ll want to put it on display when not in use! 

The design of this piece may seem ordinary at first glance but don’t be fooled – there’s more than meets the eye here- take a look inside and see how they’ve hidden LED lights within each candle holder so your guests can enjoy their meal under flickering flames (or just light them up yourself!).

18. Arthur Price Silver Plated Tea Strainer 

Tea time is one of the best parts about being in relationships, but sometimes you just need that extra something to make it feel even more special. This silver plated strainer will be perfect for brewing up some fine teas with your loved ones!

19. Personalised Message Engraved Silver Plated Wine Stopper 

Keep your spouse happy and prosperous with this personalized bottle stopper. You can engrave a special message that will remind you both of the anniversary every time you uncork a bottle!

20. Open Moon and Stars Bangle 

You’re celebrating your 23rd wedding anniversary this year, and you want to celebrate with a gift that is as unique for them. This bangle from Lisa Angel will be sure not only bring back fond memories of their first marriage but also serve as an unforgettable reminder on all the years ahead!

21. Personalised Silver Plated Golf Set 

Is your spouse always on the golf course? They’ll be delighted to receive this personalised silver-plated set from Jonny’s Sister, made just for them! The designextraordinary and elegant with an messing nickle plating finish will show everyone where their true love lies.

22. Personalised Silver Plated Photo Frame 

Personalise this beautiful silver-plated photo frame from Penelopetom to celebrate your wedding or anniversary date. This is the perfect gift for any special person in your life!

23. Personalised Silver Plated Spaghetti Measure

Ever find yourself with an arm full of noodles after dinner? The Cutlery Commission has come up with a solution for the sl sedanists out there who can never seem to get enough spaghetti. Their new personalised silver plated spaghettie measure will make sure you don’t run low on food!

24. Karen Blixen Lantern 

The Karen Blixen Lantern is a perfect gift for any home. This sweet little silver plated lantern from the creator of “Out Of Africa,” would make an adorable addition to your fireplace mantel when sat by it on those chilly winter nights!

25. Personalised Letter Opener 

The Hersey Silversmiths letter opener is an excellent way to add some bling style into your daily life. Not only does it look great, but this personalized tool also makes opening letters fun and easy!

26. Personalised Silver Plated Dessert Spoons 

Treat your other half to a Personalised Silver Plated Dessert Spoons for their dessert! These charming spoons can be engraved with any message and make eating that favourite pudding just perfect.

27. Engraved Silver-Plated Mother of Pearl Trinket Box

Give your OH something they can treasure forever with this beautiful silver-plated mother of pearl trinket box. Personalize it for their 23rd wedding anniversary and every time she uses her new treasures, think about how happy you made them!

28. Engraved Photo Heart Locket Keyring 

This engraved photo heart keyring will mean the world to your partner and make a perfect keepsake for yourself or as an anniversary gift for your partner. The charm comes with room to include two photos, one on each side of the locket (which measures 1″ by 3″). It’s such sweetness that we can’t help but love it!

29. Pink Topaz Allure Drop Earrings 

The hot pink of the stones looks simply stunning against a warm glow that is perfect for fall. These earrings will make your partner smile every time they see them!

30. Pink Topaz Drop Earrings in 9ct Gold 

QP Jewellers has a wide variety of jewellery to suit any taste, be it floral or abstract. These earrings in particular have an elegant and simple design that can work well with both professional dress codes as well casual outfits alike!

31. Pink Topaz and Rough Diamond Bracelet 

A pretty and delicate design from Artique Boutique, this bracelet is perfect for every day wear. The sugary pink of the topaz contrasts beautifully with rough diamonds to make it a unique piece that will stand out in your other half’s collection!

32. Imperial Topaz Bracelet 

The Imperial Topaz Bracelet is a statement piece from Abiza Jewelry that will stand out for all the right reasons. Its eye-catching gemstones, warm tones and dainty rose gold beads make this jewelry breathtakingly beautiful!

33. Pink Topaz and Gold Nugget Pull Through Earrings 

The delicate and modern gold nugget pull through earrings from Yvonne Henderson Jewellery are definitely a must for any special occasion. These gorgeous purply pink topaz will make your OH feel like the most elegant person in their peer group!

34. Pink Topaz Earrings with Black Lip Oyster 

The perfect gift for the woman who has everything, these stunning black lip oyster earrings are a must-have.  The 34 karats of gold ensure that they will last longer than any other piece in your wardrobe as well!

Want to know what gemstones are appropriate for your upcoming wedding anniversary? We’ve put together this guide with all of the answers you need. There’s definitely more than one gorgeous stone worth looking forward too!

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