20 Funny Long Distance Relationship Gifts for Humor-loving Couples

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it’s easy to feel like things are getting stale. But there is hope! Check out these great ideas for keeping the romance alive and turning that frown upside down – no matter where your significant other lives overseas or how far away they seem right now. 

Make Your Man Laugh until He Cries with These Quirky Funny Long-distance Relationship Gifts

1. Personalized Boxer Boxer Briefs

Maybe you’re not the type to wear boxer briefs, but if your significant other is then this could make for an interesting present. He will think it’s very personal and knows exactly what sort of underwear he likes best!

2.  Butt Face Combo Soap and Towel

Butt Face Towel and Soap 2PC Combo Set – a perfect gift for your better half! Does he often get confused about where to begin, or how long ago was last washed? This set will put him front and center with everything he needs. He’ll love using it while getting cleaned up after work in between taking care of other hygiene needs like brushing teeth etc., which makes this an excellent combination package that’s not only practical but also fun too!!

3. Hidden Hip Flask

We’re still on the topic of booze, are we? Sure why not! This great idea works really well if you hide your hip flasks in books like War And Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The book is fat enough to ensconce a nice little flask-or two (or three). If shipping it overseas though make sure its empty before putting them into packaging because I don’t want any partaking passengers getting struck by lightning… Or whatever other crazy thing happens when people drink electricity instead .

4. Literary Insult Chart

A collection of the most offensive insults from famous authors and artists, this chart will make your bad day worse. Guaranteed to bring a smile or two even when you’re feeling down! This is a great way to get your guy laughing while also teaching him some new vocabulary!

5. Beer Belly Fanny Pack

That’s right, people! We’re talking about the Beer Belly Fanny Pack. A hilarious gift for any funny occasion that will make your man laugh until he hurts himself (and maybe even chase after you). Available in multiple skin tones and varying levels of hairiness to suit all tastes – it can hold at least a couple cold ones so its as close as anyone wants them too grow!!

6. Tacos Can be Pun, Too!

This custom taco-themed T shirt is perfect for any man that loves food and tacos. The best part about this gift? You can be sure he’ll wear it around constantly! Maybe go with a slightly smaller size just so you know how much irritation his love of all things Mexican brings into your life every day (and night).

7. ‘He Nose How to Have Fun’ Paper Cups

The nose cup is a clever and fun way to get people in the mood for any occasion. The options are endless, from animal snouts or bird beaks all the way down through humans! Get yourself 24 of these awesome paper cups shipped over seas so you can share them with your special someone who’s far away right now- they’ll thank me later when I find out whatpperthey like better than anything else on earth ( besides themselves ).

8. Granite Whiskey Stones

You know that guy you’re dating who loves his whiskey and is always cold? He’ll love these granite stones for when he visits. They keep the drink cool without watering it down like other methods do, so there’s no need to worry about ice melting in your hand or glass! Plus they look great on any countertop – especially one with some serious amount of neatness (like yours).

9. Lipstick-marked Sandwich Bags

There’s nothing quite like a little romance to get things going in the office–especially during lunch hour! That is unless your shy guy has an unfortunate accident with his favorite red lipstick. With this handy printable bag, he’ll be able to carry around some fun memories from you without looking too awkward or embarrassed about what happened earlier today (or yesterday).

10. Boozy Binoculars

The Boozy Binoculars are a great gift for your remote Romeo who has been wondering how he can carry his drink on those weekend hikes without alerting park authorities. The perfect solution? Just give him these binocucles and let everyone think what they want!

11. Good Morning, Mr. President!

The perfect gift for any Trump fan. Whether he’s a politician or not, this mug will show him how much you care about his morning routine and what it means to be President of The United States!

Make Your Woman Tear Up or Light Up with One of These Quirky Long-distance Relationship Gifts

12. Daily Rant Journals

The daily journals are a great way to get all of your feelings out on paper, without being too subtle. Your future partner will love you even more after reading this!

13. Miniature Desk Vac

These adorable little desktop USB vacuum cleaners are great conversation pieces for her workstation in the office. They make excellent long-distance relationship gifts to all those tidy Theresas and spotless Suzies out there! Yup, she knows we’re talking about her too…

14. Shower Squids

The perfect gift for the person with everything! These cute little shower stuff holders will hold up to 9 items and squirt every time you need a new toothbrush or shampoo. They’re fun, yet practical – just what everyone needs in their bathroom cupboard at home.

15. Funny Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for any coffee drinker, this personalized mug can be ordered with your favorite saying or phrase. The Funny Coffee Mug is the best way to tell someone they have a mouth that makes sailors blush!

16. Notes from a Fetus

The author of this book was a clever and witty man. His silver tongue helped him get rid of pesky babies in the womb by making them think they were reading something enlightening like What To Expect When You’re Expecting but actually all he had done is made someones life more difficult than it needed to be! Haha – check out chapter 16 for notes from your future son or daughter who will eventually become an adult just like us…or maybe less humble depending on how much mommy charged for her copy.

17. Donut and Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for any coffee lover, this mug will have them laughing their heads off! Show your wife you care by getting her a funny and unique present that’s sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

18. Quarantine Sandwich Bags

The “Quarantine” printed sandwich bags are guaranteed to halt that office betrayer your wife’s been complaining about. A little dark humor around the coronavirus threat never hurt anyone! Warning: This product might get you in trouble with co-workers and bosses, so don’t take it too far… also available as a ‘Crime Scene’ variant for those who need even more protection against Sandwich Bandits everywhere.

19. Long-distance Boyfriend Pillow

This pillow is for long-distance couple where one person lives faraway from the other. They need something to cozy up against when they’re feeling lonely or just want someone close by that will keep them company in their times of sadness, but there’s no way around it – you can’t be next door at any given time! This ‘boyfriend arm’ fulfills this longing perfectly; guaranteed make her happy even though she’s down.

20. Bad Ass Knee-high Socks

These awesome Pink Knee High Socks are perfect for the woman who has everything. They’re funny, affordable and will make you laugh when your significant other is away on vacation or working hard at their job thousands of miles away from home! Plus they come in various colors so it’s easy to find one that matches both her personality as well as yours own personal style statement.

The bad-ass design says “I see what u did there” without ever saying anything aloud–so either he likes surprises…or she really knows how much we care about her.

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